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Cleopatra Pedicure – Is it worth the money?


Cleopatra Pedicure


You may be a regular to the pedicure routine or an occasional enthusiast, but you can never undermine the benefits of it.  A luxurious pedicure is an ideal way to relax not only your feet that carry you all day long but also your mind & senses.  The hygienic & health benefits of pedicure are also well noted & above all, regular pedicure keeps your feet well maintained which is important for that primed look.  

Cleopatra Pedicure is a signature service offered by Keya Seth Medi Spa. This pedicure, even after being an expensive foot treatment, is highly in demand. Want to know why it is preferred over other normal pedicures?  Read on,


cleopatra pedicure


Cleopatra Pedicure is synonymous with Luxurious indulgence. To give yourself a relaxing treat, this pedicure is the perfect pick.  As the name suggests, the pedicure steps has been inspired by the beauty regime of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra who is still believed to be one of the most glamorous women to walk the planet.  The same luxuriousness of her beauty regime has been revived in the Cleopatra Pedicure treatment.


cleopatra pedicure


Instead of water, the Cleopatra Pedicure uses a foot bath of warm milk, added with some precious essential oils, herbs & rose petals. This foot bath not only helps in softening the skin but also promotes deep skin nourishment & improves skin tone.  Soaking your feet in this warm luxurious bath for 15-20 minutes while inhaling the essential oils evaporating from it, is a plush experience that you are sure to cherish. 


cleopatra pedicure


Cutting, buffing & cleansing are done next by the expert technicians with high precision.  It is followed by a coffee & milk powder scrub, which helps in removing any pigmented, dark skin.


cleopatra pedicure


Next is the massage.  Along with other ingredients, yogurt is used in this step to soften, moisturize & lighten the skin. Spa stones are used during the massage in a précised way to relax the feet & also to offer acupuncture benefits that help in relaxing the mind & rejuvenating the body.


cleopatra pedicure with spa stones


After a massage of around 10 – 15 minutes a luxurious pack is applied to the feet & legs. This pack includes ingredients like Sandalwood essential oil, Milk cream & Honey.

cleopatra pedicure


Finally, after removing the pack a light layer of Vitamin E serum is applied to ensure complete nourishment.  Cleopatra Pedicure is not only a quick way to relax and rejuvenate your senses within an hour but also a pedicure treatment that can totally transform the look & feel of your feet making them soft, smooth, fairer & beautiful when taken regularly.



It also helps in healing cracked heels, smoothing out rough, dry skin, callus & quite effective to treat minor skin infections of the nails & feet.     

A single sitting is enough to show the difference & if you continue the treatment every month, be ready to experience a magical transformation, irrespective of the present condition of your feet. So, if you think that your feet deserve the best, you should not treat them with anything less than the Cleopatra Pedicure.  

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