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Complete Your Festive Look with Aromatic Alta & Sindoor

Be it western or ethnic, women look gorgeous in all attires. Even so, traditional ensembles are always outstanding! And such looks attain perfection with the touch of Alta & Sindoor. Part 7 of our Festive Beauty Series shares some exclusive trivia for your festive yet traditional look and how to choose the right products to keep your skin & hair unharmed. 

Alta & Sindoor—Origin & Relevance 

Believe it or not, the tradition of wearing sindoor is as old as time. Its traces were found in history even 5000 years back. In the Northern parts of India, where Harappan civilisation thrived, more than one female figurine has been found with painted parting. Aryans used to apply their blood on their brides to seal the wedlock, signifying strength.  

In fact, the word ‘sindoor’ originates from ‘sindoora’, a Sanskrit word that means red lead. Ancient sacred texts, like the Vedas talk about Chakras located in our body. The Third Eye or the Ajna Chakra at the centre of the head is said to be associated with concentration & desire. Believers are of the opinion, placing sindoor exactly in this area can channelise a woman’s energy towards her husband and contribute to her emotional regulation. 

Sindoor also has a medicinal connection, Ayurveda to be specific, that was thought to have medicinal benefits for women, including blood flow stimulation, easing stress & anxiety, activating sex drive etc. 

On the other hand, alta is a significant part of wedding & post-wedding ceremonies. This red dye is considered sacred for similar events. And not just for celebrations, Alta is an integral part of the South Indian culture, especially during the public performances of its classical dance forms, like Bharatnatyam, Odissi, Kuchipudi, Mohiniattyam, etc. Other Indian classical dance forms, such as Kathak and Manipuri also include wearing of Alta on the dancers’ feet and fingertips to enhance stage appeal. 

Both of these items are a part of ‘Solah Shringar’ or 16 adornments for a Hindu bride. 

Why You Must Choose Aromatic Alta & Sindoor over Others? 

Unlike today, kumkum & alta used to be prepared with natural elements in the majority, such as turmeric, lime juice, oil, camphor, seashell powder, betel leaves among others. Clearly, such preparations left less health impacts. Therefore, with our years of research and affinity for Indian & Hindu culture, we have successfully created 100% Natural Alta & Sindoor.  

The New & Improved Formulations of Keya Seth Aromatic Jewel SindoorDust Sindoor & Aromatic Aalta are filled with the goodness of herbal extracts and floral pigments that preserve skin & hair’s healthy texture and are completely free from mercury, lead etc. 

What Are the Key Features of Aromatic Sindoor? 

Available in Dust and Liquid forms, Our Aromatic Sindoors have been formulated with herbal extracts and floral pigments that offer rich colour while leaving a soothing effect.

Additionally, the Liquid Sindoor has a creamy texture, does not smudge, is water-resistant, can be removed with any makeup remover and comes with a sponge tip for easy application. 

Our Aromatic Sindoors are widely loved by countless women because: 

  • They are a rich blend of ingredients that make the formula long-lasting 
  • Formulated exclusively with nature-derived ingredients 
  • Does not cause skin allergies, hair fall, or baldness 
  • Naturally soothing & skin-friendly 
  • Easy to use & can be removed with water or makeup remover 

The best part is, the Dust Sindoor is available in two variants—Red & Maroon; the Liquid Sindoor can be availed in three attractive variants—Red, Maroon & Magenta. 

What Are the Key Features of Aromatic Alta? 

This Organic Red Alta for women enhances beauty without causing any irritation or damage. Specially prepared with floral pigments our Alta preserves healthy skin and prevents cracked heels.  

It’s the right choice for you because: 

  • It’s 100% Skin-Friendly 
  • Offers gorgeous, red colour 
  • It’s completely Safe to wear on Sensitive Skin  
  • The product does not trigger skin allergies  
  • Prevents cracked toes & heels 
  • Comes with a cap applicator for smoother glides 
  • Long-lasting; stays on skin for 2-3 days 

Top Tips to Complete Your Festive Look with Aromatic Alta & Sindoor 

  • You can flaunt a stunning benarasi with tiara, tikli, nath, golden bangles, a pair of lovely earrings & vibrant, Red or Maroon Sindoor to complete your ‘Old is Gold’ avatar. 
  • Punch your ethnic outfit with stylised dressing by wearing a hint of liquid Magenta sindoor. Get your favourite jhumkas and you’re all set! 
  • On Dashami or Dussehra paint your fingertips and the centre of your palms with Alta, look effortlessly flawless. 
  • Thinking about showing off your feet? Adorn them with pretty anklets and, of course, our Herbal Alta. 



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