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Blog 31: Essential oils for beating Jet lag quickly

quick Jet lag treatment

Jet lag is something more than just tiredness. Anyone who have ever suffered from it is actually pretty much aware about how irritating & problematic jet lag can be after a long journey. Sleep disturbance, problem in falling asleep, waking up early, headache, fatigue & irritability are some of the most common symptoms of jet lag. You might also suffer from indigestion, lack of appetite & dehydration.

What is jet lag?

Symptoms of Jet lag

Jet lag is described as a mental & physical condition caused due to disruption of the natural circadian rhythm of the body which is commonly referred as the Body’s clock. Travelling long distance across multiple time zones or continents within short time span disrupts the body’s natural clock, causing jet lag. `The symptoms of jet lag may continue for days until the person’s body is fully adjusted with the new time zone.  

treating jet lag quickly

Essential oils, the healing agents of aromatherapy can be highly useful for treating jet lag. Inhaling some essential oils while flying can be effective to keep you comfortable & relaxed during the travel, minimizing the chance of getting jet lag.  Even using these oils or an essential oil blend after you have reached the destination can be helpful to abolish the fogginess of jet lag quickly.

Essential oil remedies for jet lag     

Eucalyptus essential oil

Eucalyptus essential oil

The essential oil extracted from the leaves & twigs of the Eucalyptus tree work as an alternative medicine & eases even the most debilitating headache caused due to jet lag. It helps in dispelling confusion & refreshes the mind helping you to perform normally even after a long flight. It also promotes sleep.

Lavender essential oil 

lavender essential oil for treating jet lag

Stress related to a long journey often adds to jet lag. Lavender essential oil extracted from the flower buds of the lavender plant is a natural stress buster that also promotes sleep & relaxation helping to cope with jet lag. It gives a calming effect on the mind & promotes a good mood.

Geranium essential oil

geranium essential oil for treating jet lag

This essential oil is known for helping with anxiety & restlessness, symptoms intricately related with jet lag. The essential oil produced from the leaves, stalks & flowers of the plant helps in integrating mind & body, thus helping with fogginess. Geranium essential oil also promotes better sleep & if you are suffering from leg muscle cramp due to sitting long hours on the flight, a massage with geranium essential oil in a carrier oil base will also help in relaxing the muscles.      

Lemon essential oil

lemon essential oil for jet lag

The refreshing aroma of lemon essential oil can work as an effective holistic healing agent in easing jet lag quickly. Inhaling the oil extracted from the fresh peels of the fruits during travel can be helpful to keep you fresh & relaxed. It also helps in easing anxiety, tension & stress of long hours of journey.

Peppermint essential oil

peppermint essential oil for jet lag

For headache, exhaustion, stress, tension & mental fatigue peppermint essential oil is a great reliever. It helps in improving concentration, clears doubt & invigorates the mind. The oil is produced from the flowering stems of the plant.    

Keya Seth Aromatherapy products that might help in easing symptoms of jet lag:

PEACE: It contains eucalyptus & peppermint essential oils along with a blend of other essential oils & herbal extracts which can be helpful to ease tension & stress related with jet lag.

SWEET DREAM: Enriched with lavender & lemon essential oils SWEET DREAM can be effective to relive sleep disorder, one of the most problematic symptoms of jet lag.

GRAINEOUT: This Medicure product combines both eucalyptus oil & peppermint oil along with other essential oils & herbal extracts. GRAINEOUT can quickly help with headache, a prominent symptom of jet lag.



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