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Blog 42: Essential oils for well-being in winter  


essential oil for winter well being

Winter brings sweet juicy fruits, riot of colorful flowers, feasts, fairs, holidays & a scope to put on those stylish winter wears without worrying about getting drenched in sweat but winter also brings flu, fever, cough & cold, respiratory problems, digestive complications & even a bit of depression & mood swings for some. So, how to make the season only enjoyable sans the problems? Essential oils are here to help. Proper use of essential oils can not only help your skin & hair to fight the dryness of winter air, but they are also highly effective in treating common health problems of the season. Let’s find out how,

Essential oil solution for cold & fever

essential oil for cold

Getting a cold is very common during this season. So, the moment you feel a bit down & you can notice some preliminary symptoms of cold (which may vary from person to person) start using the right blend of essential oils.

For fighting cold, a blend of Eucalyptus & Tea Tree essential oil can be very effective as these EOs have immune boosting & strong anti-microbial properties. Adding Lemon & Frankincense essential oils to the blend will improve the anti-viral power of the first two essential oils even more.     

At the first sign of cold, prepare an essential oil blend as mentioned above & use it in a vaporizer in your room. Also add a few drops of the oil blend in your handkerchief & take the smell frequently. Adding the oil blend on your pillow before going to sleep will also help.

Combat cough & catarrh with EO blends

essential oil for fighting cough

When it comes to lung congestion, cough, excess mucus & catarrh using few essential oils in steam inhalation can give side effect free & effective relief. The action is often instant which makes the treatment preferable even for young people.

Add few drops of Rosemary & Eucalyptus essential oil to a bowl of steaming water & inhale the steam for 8-10 minutes with your nose & mouth, keeping your eyes tightly closed. Instead of Eucalyptus oil, you can also use peppermint oil to get similar benefits.

Also take a few drops of the oil blend in a clean tissue & take the smell throughout the day to feel better & get quick relief.

Relief from body pain with essential oils

essential oils for body ache

Aching of body muscles is a problem that becomes more acute during winter months. If you are having mild fever or cold, it might also be the reason of muscle ache & body pain. Drinking a lot of water & taking fresh fruits regularly along with essential oil treatments can give you quick relief from body ache.

If you are having body ache due to fever or a cold, add few drops of essential oil blend in warm water. Soak a towel in it, wring the excess water & then sponge your body with it. Prepare the oil blend with 3-5 drops each of Basil, Marjoram, Lavender & Ginger essential oils.

If you are suffering from aching muscles but you do not have any infection then an aromatherapy massage with black pepper, ginger & coriander essential oils mixed with Olive oil can be highly relaxing & relieving.  You should mix the oils in the following ratio,

  • 2 drops ginger EO
  • 12 drops coriander EO
  • 10 drops black pepper EO
  • 50ml extra virgin olive oil

Store the oil blend in a dark glass bottle. 

Fighting winter depression with EOs

essential oil for winter depression

If you are feeling a bit low or lack of energy during winter, going out under the bright sun is the natural cure. Sunlight helps in synthesizing hormones that promote the feel good factor. Apart from sunlight, inhaling some essential oils, or applying them onto your temples & pulses can also be effective.

When depression is associated with lethargy Geranium, Rosemary, Jasmine or Rose essential oils can work effectively. When it is associated with restlessness, Chamomile, Lavender & Cedar wood essential oils are good options.  These oils can also be used in a vaporizer in your room to uplift mood quickly.  

Essential oils for treating insomnia

essential oil for insomnia

In case the advent of winter is hampering your sleep, prepare a blend with Sandalwood, Lavender and Geranium or Rose essential oil & add few drops of the oil blend in your pillow before going to bed. Massaging this oil blend lightly onto your temples or just inhaling the smell from a clean handkerchief will also help. You can also try out Sweet Dream from our Medicure range to get quick relief from insomnia.  

Cure from indigestion & flatulence with essential oils

essential oils for indigestion

Indigestion & flatulence often becomes a chronic problem during winter. While junk eating habits, over eating is usually the primary reason for that, drinking less water during winter aggravates the problem. Taking care about what & how much you eat, drinking adequate water along with a gentle abdominal massage with a blend of essential oils or even smelling a blend of essential oils can be helpful to promote digestion & relieve flatulence.  

A light massage with a blend of peppermint, black peeper & angelica root essential oils in a 3% dilution of suitable carrier oil on the upper & lower abdomen can relieve flatulence & will also promote digestion. For serious & chronic digestive problems use NEUTRAL regularly.   

Essential oils to fight winter coldness

essential oils for warmth

Chilly winter months making you uncomfortable even in that heavy jacket? Fight back winter freeze with essential oils. If you suffer from cold feet & hands during this time of the year, start using essential oil blends on your frosty hands & feet. Reduced blood circulation to the peripherals of the body is often the reason behind cold hands & feet during winter. The warming essential oils can improve blood circulation to your hands & feet, making the winter chill more comfortable.

Mix 2 drops each of black pepper, rosemary & clove bud essential oils in 10ml of olive or almond oil. Rub this oil blend onto your cold hands & feet rigorously & enjoy the warmth along with effective skin hydration & a natural glow.  








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