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How to Tone and Make Your Breasts Firm Naturally at Home?

Every woman wants to be proud of her body. From eating well to exercising—women try different methods to acquire an attractive body! But why even after so much effort, you, as a woman, get thoughts of unfulfillment about your own body? That’s because you are just a step away from learning and practising the right massaging procedures for your health & beauty. 

Massage and Physical Beauty 

In pursuit of true beauty, women worldwide have been asking a bunch of questions related to breast massaging since long. Can massaging breasts help enhance or tighten them? Is there any prevention for sagging? What are the right ways to massage breasts? Is there any proven way to fix the shape of breasts? 

At Keya Seth Aromatherapy, we have been devoted to women’s overall well-being for years. Our therapeutic-grade Essential Oil Blend, Lady Care has been widely accepted among the masses for being effective without any side effects.  

This Breast Enhancing, Toning, Firming & Uplifting Massage Oil for women is a remarkable discovery that delivers oxygen to breast tissues via blood circulation and makes your breasts firmer on regular massaging. 


What Is Lady Care?                                                                                              

A healthy and upright bosom not only makes you feel good but also boosts your confidence level. While there exist countless baseless rumours on breast growth and reduction, you must know, it is Estrogen (female sex hormone) that is responsible for the development of the bosom. 

Lady Care, a Breast Toner & Massage Oil for women that is effective at Enhancing Toning & Firming the breasts. It supplies oxygen to the tissues, restores blood circulation and eventually, makes the breasts firmer.  

Being a unique combination of Pure Essential Oils, Vitamins, Sesame Oil, and Omega 9 Fatty Acid that improve the Estrogen level in your body, the Massage Oil is complete Free from Side Effects.  


The key benefits of this extraordinary breast massaging oil are: 

  • It enhances, tones & firms up the breasts.  
  • It addresses the causes behind sagging breasts. 
  • It contributes to better blood circulation in the breast tissues.  
  • It adequately increases estrogen levels in the body, thus promoting breast growth.   
  • It makes the skin softer, smoother & fairer. 
  • It promotes healthier breasts by removing toxins from the mammaries. 
  • It gives you desired results by employing the principles of aromatherapy  

Take a look at how its Nature-Derived ingredients help you achieve your desired shape & structure: 


Lavender Essential Oil: Apart from its deep and calming aroma that drives you to a peaceful world, Lavender Essential Oil is great for breast massage. It not only firms up the breast tissue but also helps your bosom turn fuller.   

Geranium Essential Oil: Known for promoting breast appearance, this essential oil encourages muscles to contract while firming them up, resulting in the body looking toned over time. It also increases collagen production, enhances elasticity, and maintains skin's softness & smoothness.  

Vetiver Essential Oil: Loaded with balancing and calming properties, Vetiver Essential Oil offers hormonal support, recovering from sleep & concentration issues, mental chatter, irritability, brain fog, anxiousness, etc.  

Jojoba Essential Oil & Sesame Oil: Jojoba Essential Oil & Sesame Oil are among the other natural oils that serve as ideal breast massage oils. They do not clog pores but oxygenates them. Plus, full of vital nutrients, like Vitamins A, B, D, E & Omega 9 Fatty Acids, Jojoba Oil is a mandate for breast care and toning. Sesame Oil contains lots of phytoestrogens that contribute to breast development. 


Massage Techniques for Breast Enhancement & Toning 

Believe it or not, your twins are unique in size and shape. From round to slender, athletic to bell shape, experts have identified several different breast types based on their appearance. And there is no harm in toning them up or attempting shape correction via the correct massaging techniques. 

You may practise the jotted down methods below to improve the secretion and function of estrogen in your body to attain boobs that are fuller and beautiful: 

  1. Start with your right breast. Slowly bring your left palm from the side to the centre of your breast, then rub from below to the nipple. Next, massage upwards from the armpit to the nipple. Follow the same procedure with your right hand for the left breast. 
  2. The way you hold up dispersed sand, use both of your hands to massage from beneath towards nipple. Remember to stroke upwards and never downwards. 
  3. Gently lift your right breast with your left palm and lightly place your right palm on the breast to start the massage. Move your left palm from below in a circular motion and the right hand should move downwards. In a similar way, lift your left breast with the right palm, move it in a circular motion downwards, and massage with your right hand upwards. 
  4. Gently pinch around your nipples using your fingers. 
  5. Use both of your hands to hold up your breast from the sides to the centre of your chest. 

  6. Place your right hand beneath your right breast and gently hold up. Then rub your right palm from the side to the centre and the left palm from the centre to the side. Remember, the directions of massage should be opposite for the two palms. Repeat the same method for your left breast. 
  7. Use both of your hands to hold up your breast from below to the centre of your chest. 
  8. Place your thumb on your nipple and the rest of the fingers below. Grab your nipple gently; repeat the process once the nipple area slips out. Use the left palm for the right breast and vice versa. 

Massage Techniques for the Upliftment and Firming of Sagging Breasts 

Due to ageing, your skin loses elasticity, and its consequences are visible on your breasts as well. Apart from that, factors, like smoking, breastfeeding, wrong posture, and even genetics can lead to saggy breasts. While perky breasts are often the secret behind your personality & confidence, sagging of breasts or breast ptosis can often affect the quality of life.  

Fortunately, you can help reverse sagging by sticking to the right massage regime: 

  1. Rub your palms up & down and from the centre to the sides of youbreasts. 
  2. The way we bring down extra sand if your sandcastle peak is too high, use both of your palms in similar motion to the centre of your breasts towards your chest, ribs, belly, and back respectively. Follow this massage procedure thrice in a circular motion. 
  3. Gently lift your right breast with your left palm and lightly place your right palm on the breast to start the massage. Move your left palm from below in a circular motion and the right hand should move downwards. In a similar way, lift your left breast with the right palm, move it in a circular motion downwards, and massage with your right hand upwards. 
  4. Use both of your hands to hold up your breast from below to the centre of your chest. 
  5. Gently pinch around your nipples using your fingers. 
  6. Gently grab both of your breasts with your hands and lift them upwards in a circular motion along the centre of your chest to your collarbones. Then release and start once again. 

Treatment Regimen 

You must use it once a day for at least 3 consecutive months for expected results. No need for post-massage washing or wiping off.  

Hopefully, the aforementioned info for your health & charm has been highly useful. Remember, there is nothing better than adopting a natural way to stay in shape. Undoubtedly, Lady Care makes it possible! 



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