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Blog 49: Just any face wash for your skin? Why not?

the right face wash

Cleansing makes one of the most vital parts of daily skin care routine. Proper cleansing of skin not only helps you get rid of unwanted dirt & grime, revealing your true complexion but also reduces the chance of infection from pimple & acne causing bacteria. For daily facial cleansing a face wash is certainly the most important product & it can also be declared as one of the most important cosmetics in your skin care kitty.

Why not just any face wash      

 the best face wash                                                 

Using just any face wash, without judging it for your skin needs will not only make you miss the best effects of the product but can also harm your skin.

So, if you think, every face wash is the same & picking just any from the lot will serve your needs, think again, you might be spending your money to harm your skin.

What you should look for in a face wash

When you are buying a face wash the first consideration should be the ingredients of the product.

Spending on a face wash from a trusted natural brand is always a good choice as that ensures full value for your money.

Focus on your skin needs

what your skin needs

The first step to choose the right face wash for your skin is to know your skin. Find out if your skin is normal, dry or oily & use a face wash that is designed particularly for your skin type.

Face Wash for Dry Skin

Using the right face wash is very important for people with dry skin as dry skin naturally lacks skin oil & gets wrinkles more quickly.  A wrong face wash can harm the dry skin in the worst way.

  • The face wash for dry skin must be 100% free from soap
  • Skin hydrating natural ingredients like honey, orange or Aloe Vera should be present in the formula
  • Presence of essential oils can certainly make the face wash more nourishing
  • As dry skin is prone to wrinkles, look for special antioxidants like lotus extract in the formula

fresh look lotus for dry skin

Fresh Look Lotus is a 100% soap free face wash infused with all the nourishing ingredients & anti-oxidants vital to prevent skin drying while cleansing the skin gently from deep within. So, if you have dry skin that often feels stretchy & parched or if you are noticing wrinkles on your face recently, use Fresh Look Lotus as your regular face cleanser.      

Face Wash for Oily Skin

To get rid of the most common problems of oily skin like, pimples, acne, blackheads & whiteheads using the right face wash is extremely important. Oily skin beauties should keep the following in mind while choosing their face wash,

  • The face wash should be gentle enough to not to reap off the necessary skin oils while cleansing dirt, grime & excess oil
  • It should have natural skin nourishers like extract of Blackberry & honey that does not add any oily or greasiness to the skin
  • Natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids from fruits (grapes, oranges) can help in keeping the oily skin clear from blemishes, blackheads & whiteheads
  • Ingredients that naturally control excess oil secretion, like tea tree extract can make the formula truly effective for oily skin
  • Presence of essential oils with bactericidal properties can protect the oily skin from frequent breakouts

fresh look blackberry & tea tree for oily skin

Fresh Look Blackberry & Tea Tree is a perfect face wash for oily skin that cleanses without reaping off necessary skin oils, controls excess oil production on skin, nourishes & protects skin from pimples & blemishes.     

Face Wash for Normal skin

For the people blessed with normal skin it is important to be cautious about their face wash as the wrong product can turn their skin to dry or oily. If you have normal skin, consider the following while buying your face wash,

  • Choose a face wash that is not formulated for dry or oily skin but for all skin types or normal skin
  • Should be 100% free from soap & non-drying
  • Must have natural skin nourishing ingredients like honey or Aloe Vera that does not make the skin oily
  • If your skin is prone to breakouts or if you are suddenly getting more breakouts look for Tea Tree essential oil in your face wash
  • For brighter skin, look for natural AHAs (from grapes, orange) in the formula

             aloe vera face wash for all skin typeshoney face wash for all skin types

Fresh Look Aloe Vera & Fresh Look Honey both can work effectively for normal skin, as they are free from soap, gentle on skin & enriched with nourishing ingredients that does not leave any greasy or oily feeling. If you are prone to pimples, opt for Fresh Look Honey with Tea Tree essential oil & if you are looking for skin brightness Fresh Look Aloe Vera with natural AHAs is your best option.

Face Wash for Combination skin

It is a bit tricky to choose the right face wash when you have combination skin. Combination skin might show the signs of dry skin at places & of oily skin at other areas. For combination skin considering the following points is important,

  • The face wash should be formulated for all skin types & not particularly for dry or oily skin
  • It should be free from soap & skin drying agents but rich with natural humectants like Aloe Vera or honey
  • Presence of anti-acne ingredients like essential oils of tea tree, rosemary & geranium is always an added advantage.

             honey face washaloe vera face wash

You can use Fresh Look Aloe Vera or Fresh Look Honey face wash as per your choice. If your skin has more oily areas then Fresh Look Honey with Tea Tree essential oil will be a better choice for you & in case of more dry areas, Fresh Look Aloe Vera with natural AHAs will be the best option.

Face Wash for Acne & pimple prone skin

With the increasing pollution in the environment, acne & pimples have become common for every skin type. If you have pimples & acne opt for a face wash with the following,

  • Should have pure extracts of herbal antibacterial ingredients like neem & tulsi
  • Presence of Essential oils with bactericidal properties like rosemary, geranium or tea tree is ideal
  • The face wash should have natural humectants that will prevent drying out of skin
  • Presence of skin nourishing ingredients are an added advantage

fresh look neem for acne

Fresh Look Neem has been specially formulated with extracts of neem & tulsi along with a bunch of essential oils to control acne & pimples.

If you are not sure about your skin type, choose a Fresh Look Face Wash that is suitable for all skin types.







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