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Professional Hair Fall Treatment

professional hair fall treatment


Losing your good night’s sleep over hair fall? It’s time that you opt for a professional treatment.  Proper & regular at home care with Keya Seth Aromatherapy products can sort hair fall problems in an effective way but professional hair fall treatment at Keya Seth Medi Spa certainly has a bunch of special benefits that you should not miss.


professional hair fall treatment, keya seth medi spa


The Professional Hair Fall Treatment at Keya Seth Medi Spa is an intensive treatment to control hair fall & is very effective to bring an end to your hair fall issues when followed routinely. The treatment process aims to nourish the hair roots & intensely hydrates the hair shafts thus arresting hair fall due to lack of nourishment & breakage. The relaxing treatment also helps in relieving tension & stress, thus stopping hair fall triggered by these common factors.

The process

professional hair fall treatment, keya seth medi spa


The Professional Hair Fall Treatment at Keya Seth Medi Spa starts with thorough hair washing followed by blast drying.  It helps in getting rid of dirt or grime stuck in the hair or scalp, which is essential before starting a treatment.


hair fall treatment at keya seth medi spa


The next step involves application & soft massage with hair root vitalizer. It helps in reinvigorating the hair follicles & shortens the dormant stage of the hair roots, which is necessary to prevent excess hair fall.  The vitalizer is quickly absorbed into the scalp due to its small molecular structure & helps in re-establishing the natural pH balance of the scalp, ensuring better protection from fungal & bacterial infections.


anti hair fall treatment, keya seth medi spa


The vitalizer application is followed by an intense anti-hair fall treatment applied from root to tip; then comes the best part, the relaxing head & neck massage that relieves stress & relaxes the muscles.


professional hair fall treatment at keya seth medi spa


The anti-hair fall treatment is left on for 10-15 minutes before steam application. The anti-hair fall mask nourishes the scalp as well as the hair strands, which helps in arresting hair fall and also makes the hair shiny, lively, more manageable & soft to touch. The treatment is finished with a hair wash & blow dry.


How to get the best out of the treatment

professional hair fall treatment


Professional Hair Fall Treatment offered at Keya Seth Medi Spa involves use of professional grade products and latest research derived massage techniques that help in arresting hair fall. However, in order to get the best out of the treatment it is important to start it from as early as you see the first sign of excess hair fall & continue it diligently once in a week/fortnightly or once in a month as suggested by the therapist after testing your hair condition.

This professional grade anti-hair fall treatment also works miraculously as a preventive measure for hair fall. So, opting for this treatment right from the beginning of the seasons, like the monsoon, when more hair fall is expected, can nip the problem even before it can cause any concern.  


professional anti hair fall treatment

Normally, as a preventive measure from hair fall, following up the treatment once in a month is sufficient. However, in case of acute hair fall that has already started, you might be suggested to take the treatment weekly at the beginning & then the gap between treatments might be increased as the condition improves. 


The benefits

benefits of hair fall treatment

  • Arrests hair fall with instant effect
  • Gives long term solution from hair fall with regular follow ups
  • Nourishes hair roots & help in boosting fresh hair growth
  • Highly relaxing treatment procedure
  • Leaves the hair nourished, more manageable & soft to touch
  • Takes only an hour & is available at a pocket friendly price




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