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Get back in shape quickly before Puja

Pre-puja weight loss tips

A fit & toned body can always add to your appearance & personality. If you have gained some extra kilos in the last few months, this is the time when you need to put a check on yourself, so that you can get back to your most attractive figure & look your best in your new clothes during Durga Puja.

quick weight loss tips

Well, let us make it clear, losing a lot of weight in 3 weeks (the maximum time you will get before the Puja) without affecting your health is not possible unless you opt for aesthetic treatments, but you can certainly lose 2-3 kilos & look more contoured by the time the festive kick starts, without affecting your health & most importantly without starving yourself. Want to know how?  Follow our weight loss tips & tricks...

The key to weight loss

key to weightloss

When you are trying to lose weight, the first thing that you need to keep in mind is, weight management is always about the amount of calories you take in & the amount of calories you burn. If you burn more calories than you take, you are bound to lose weight. So, for losing weight you have to keep an eye on your daily diet as well as on your daily total physical exercise.   

Diet tips for weight loss before Puja

Diet tips for weight loss

  • Include more fibre-rich vegetables in your daily diet. Dietary fibres will fill your stomach & promote a feeling of satiation without adding much to your total calorie intake. Colourful vegetables also contain the vital vitamins & minerals that are essential for smooth functioning of the body, promoting better metabolism, which can help in quick fat burning.
  • Keep a strict check on your total intake of carbohydrate & sugar in any form because carbs are most easily converted to fat & stored in the body. So, restrict your consumption of rice, white bread, pasta & all other carbohydrate dense foods. Say no to your sweet & ice cream cravings, at least for the time.
  • Fresh fruits should be taken only in measured amount. High carbohydrate fruits like banana and pineapple should be eaten in well measured portions & only in breakfast. On the other hand, low carbohydrate fruits like watermelon, peach, papaya or the citrus fruits can be taken anytime during the day, preferably before a meal.

 losing weight quickly


  • Your meals should not include unhealthy fats. Keep a strict check on how much oil is used in your diet. Instead of opting for fried foods, go for boiled & roasted options. Banish butter & ghee from your kitchen.
  • Include lean meat, fishes, sea foods, tofu & beans in your diet to meet the daily requirement of protein without adding up on unhealthy fat. Shift completely to low-fat dairy instead of the whole fat variety. Protein is dense in calorie, hence making sure that you are not eating more than the recommended portion is important.
  • Stay clear from fast foods, junk foods, sodas, colas & anything that comes with high calorie but less nutrition.
  • Drink sufficient water at regular intervals. It will keep your body hydrated & will also reduce your appetite.


Change the “way” you eat to lose weight quickly

chnage the way you eat

While changing your diet is important to lose weight, changing the way you eat is also vital to get effective results. Implement the next changes in your daily eating habits & feel the difference, 

  • Instead of taking 2 or 3 large meals take 4-5 short meals in a day.
  • Always eat few bites less than what you want to.
  • Drink citrus fruit juice or vegetable smoothies before your lunch.
  • Start your meals with healthy vegetable soup, not laced with butter.
  • Keep your dinner simple & small.
  • Complete your dinner by 7 – 7.30pm in the evening.
  • Maintain a gap of at least 3 hours between your dinner & bed time.
  • Take your time, eat slowly & enjoy your food. This will ensure better satiation for eating less.   
  • Do not stay seated or lie down right after having your meals. Take a walk or just stroll around.    

Lose weight before Puja with regular exercise


losing weight with exercise

To lose weight before Puja you need to take up a proper & regular workout regime. Cardiovascular exercises & increasing your daily total physical movement can be sufficiently helpful for losing weight when coupled with the right diet.

 Exercise tips for weight loss before Puja

  • At least 2 hours of daily workout, starting from today, is essential if you are trying to lose weight & get a more toned figure before Puja.
  • An hour of skipping, jogging, cycling or engaging in an active sport like swimming, football or tennis in the morning followed by 2 hours of serious workout in the evening is the best way to achieve your weight loss goal in minimum time.
  • Instead of dividing your total daily workout time into multiple sessions, try to cover the time in a single session for quick fat loss.
  • Always warm up before starting with your exercise regime as it not only reduces the chance of getting an injury but also increases the efficiency of the exercises that you perform next.

skipping for losing weight

  • Do not perform the same set of exercises every day. Opt for different types of exercises on different days to maintain sufficient variation. Performing the same exercises daily reduces their effect on the body, delaying fat loss & muscle toning.
  • Including the right type & amount of cardiovascular exercises in your workout session is important.
  • Weight training can be very effective to get a sculpted body & for quick fat loss. However, unless you are familiar with working out with weights or you have a trainer to guide, it is better to not to opt for weight training suddenly, because it increases your risk of injury during exercise which can spoil your Puja.

 Lifestyle tips for quick weight loss before Puja

lose weight before puja with lifestyle changes

  • Stop eating out. Every time you eat out you not only eat more, you also fill yourself with unhealthy fats & calories.
  • Abstain from unhealthy snacking. If you are taking 4-5 brief meals during the day, you should not eat anything (not even biscuits, tea or coffee) in-between.
  • Increase your total daily movement. Take a break from your office chair often & move around or perform simple freehand exercises.
  • Instead of taking the lift, try to take the stairs whenever possible to improve the total amount of calorie burnt.
  • Proper sleep is vital for losing excess weight. Lack of sleep triggers production of stress hormones in the body which can add up fat storage.

Advanced Slimming Treatments for Quick Weight Loss before Puja 

Full Body Weight Loss:

weight loss before puja

Full Body Weight Loss treatments are designed to loose overall excess fat from the body. They are planned after consultation with a slimming specialist & nutritionist. These treatments at one hand involves advanced weight loss treatments as well as diet & lifestyle adjustments for best results under the guidance of professionals.   
Inch Loss:
Also known as spot reduction, this weight loss treatment is targeted towards reducing excess fat from particular spots of the body & is very effective for toning the body from particular spots for getting a perfect shape.  

Body Toning & Tightening: 

body toning & tightening before puja

Toning & tightening treatments particularly aims towards toning & tightening the body for creating a more taut figure. 
Bust Line Treatments: 
Bust line treatments can increase or decrease bust size & are also effective for uplifting & toning.    










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