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Blog 59: Top Summer fruits for glowing skin

summer fruits for glowing skin

Summer is certainly not the best time for your skin. At one hand it must tolerate the high heat & tanning on the other, air-conditioned environment makes it dry & perched. As you know proper sun & heat protection, regular cleansing & nourishment are the key to keep skin healthy in summer but after all, what you eat is sure to show on your skin.

summer fruits

The nature has provided us with fruits that can counteract all the negative effects of summer & including them in your daily diet & skin care will not only keep the summer time skin woes at bay but will also make your skin brighter & beautiful.



watermelon for glowing skin

This commonly available summer fruit is high in water content & makes an ideal diet for summer. It is loaded with vitamin C which plays a vital role in collagen synthesis. The antioxidants present in watermelon are excellent free radical scavengers that prevent skin ageing. Apart from including fresh watermelon in your daily diet, also apply the pulp on your skin for super hydrated & bright skin.    


Papaya for glowing skin

Papaya is one of the summer fruits that is great for your stomach as well as for your skin. This easy digestible fruit is not only a rich source of Vitamins but also valuable antioxidants like beta-carotene and lycopene. Papaya works as a great age defying treatment for skin, it keeps the skin smooth & bright. This fruit is highly effective in clearing skin tan, which is a common problem of summer. The Skin Damage Control Cream by Keya Seth Aromatherapy contains papaya extract to control skin damage.  



cucumber for glowing skin

Cucumber has high water content & a nice mix of vitamin K, A, C & essential minerals like potassium & magnesium along with fiber. This fruit replenishes lost moisture in the body, soothes the skin & is ideal for summer. Eat cucumber regularly & also use it as a natural skin toner & hydrator during summer to get soft & refreshed skin. You can also get the skin benefits of cucumber from our Cucumber Water.


Green coconut water 

green coconut water for skin

Instead of the sugar laden cold drinks opt for the natural electrolyte, green coconut water, this summer. It has a good dose of potassium & supports youthful skin. Potassium also promotes better nutrient & oxygen delivery in skin. You can drink green coconut water or use it as a toner on face to get soft, bright & youthful skin. The Green Coconut Water from our range offers the same benefits with regular application.



pineapple for problem free skin

This low-calorie fiber rich fruit is quite appealing during summer. The vitamins loaded in it promotes collagen synthesis in skin & helps in quick shedding of dead skin cells thus giving brighter & youthful skin. Anti-oxidants in pineapple fights damage from free radicals thus controlling the signs of aging. This fruit also contains bromelain, an enzyme with natural anti-inflammatory & healing benefits. Hence it can help in reducing inflammation caused by sunburn or acne.  


grapefruit for glowing skin

Grapefruit has the highest level of vitamin C amongst the citrus fruits & we all know the benefits natural Vitamin C can offer for the immunity system & the skin. At one hand it helps in building skin collagen on the other it promotes clearer complexion. It also helps in controlling acne. However, due to the high concentration of Vitamin C in grapefruit instead of applying it directly on skin, drink grapefruit juice daily during summer.



mosambi in summer

Mosambi or Sweet lime is another citrus fruit with considerable vitamin C content. It helps in flushing out toxins from the body & promotes quick healing. Mosambi juice is ideal to keep your body cool & well hydrated in summer. It is also helpful in treating sun & heat related weakness & sunburn. Regular consumption of Mosambi juice can give bright & soft skin.    

Tadgola or Ice Apple (taal shaansh)

ice apple for glowing skin in summer

Ice apples contain a good percentage of water along with a bunch of vitamins like Vitamin A & C, & essential minerals without virtually no trace of fat. They are high in phytochemical anthocyanin that prevents free radical damage. These fruits can replenish water balance in body & is an excellent nourisher for skin. 



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