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Ankush Hand Sanitizer 70%(w/w) Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA), Enriched with Lavender & Rose Essential Oil

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Keep your hands germ free with


Ankush Hand Sanitizer with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, is the first of its kind, skin loving Hand Sanitizer liquid made with natural anti-microbial ingredients that kill 99.9% germs instantly and is an effective alternative to hand washing. Use anytime, anywhere without water to keep your hands germ free. Enriched with natural ingredients like Neem, Tulsi, Haridra and essential oils of Lavender and Rose.

Neem - Kills germs and Bacteria. Neem leaves have proven antiviral properties. It is an effective prevention against viral infections.

Tulsi - Has broad spectrum antimicrobial activity effective against a range of human pathogens. Is scientifically proven as an effective hand sanitizer.

Haridra - A natural anti-viral, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory.

Kur - Known for promising antimicrobial activities against different bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.

Lavender Essential Oil  has notable antibacterial activity. It works against respiratory tract infection causing bacteria. Fights pathogens related to dermatological diseases. It is soothing & healing for the skin.

Rose Essential Oil Contains high level of phenolic compounds and demonstrates strong antibacterial activity. Soothes, softens & heals skin.

IPA - Isopropyl Alcohol at proper percentage kills a wide range of bacteria and virus, which makes it an essential for proper hand sanitization.

Key Ingredients - Neem, Tulsi, Haridra, Kur, Lavender essential oil, Rose essential oil, D.m.water, IPA, aculyne 88, PG, perfume.

How to use: Take a coin size of the Hand Sanitizer on your palms and rub briskly until dry. Do not use water.

Caution : Inflammable. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not freeze. Do not use on sensitive skin. Consult a doctor if swallowed accidentally. For external use only