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Get brighter, rejuvenated skin before Puja – Tips & Tricks

tips 7 tricks to get fairer and brighter skin before Puja

For every Bengali, Durga Puja comes with a bundle of nostalgia & memories. It is the time when the blue sky, white clouds, golden sunrays start to become more meaningful, propelling the boat of happiness to a mystical utopia. But before you happily get lost in that dreamland, don’t forget to make time for a Durga Puja special skin care regime.  Just the way the nature is getting rid of its shabby, tired look before the festive starts, it is high time for you too to do the same. Check out our tips & tricks to get a brighter & rejuvenated look before the Puja.

Follow a regular CTM routine

“Cleansing-Toning -Moisturizing” might sound like the simplest thing to do, but in reality it is the ultimate key to a beautiful, problem free skin. Following a CTM routine twice a day, with products that are actually formulated for your skin type & needs, can do wonders.


Tips for brighter and younger skin before Puja

For cleansing your skin, without reaping off its necessary moisture pick a face wash according to your skin type from the 100% soap free Fresh Look face wash range.   


Toning for brighter skin

It is essential to follow with skin toning after cleansing. To get a fairer & brighter skin before Puja, saffron extract & lavender essential oil enriched Lavender Fairness Water can work as the ideal toner. You can also use fresh green coconut water twice daily as a toner for quick fairness.    


Tips for brighter and younger skin before puja

To erase any dark spots or marks & to get a brighter skin before Puja, replace your regular moisturizer with the Tetra Skin Whitening range. If you have oily skin, start with the Tetra Whitening Serum & finish with the Tetra Whitening Cream. For dry skin, the regimen should start with Tetra Whitening Serum followed by Tetra Skin Whitening Conditioner.     

Exfoliation is important   

scrubbing is important for brighter skin

Exfoliation removes the layer of dead skin cells from the skin surface, improving cell turnover rate, which can naturally erase spots, marks other skin imperfections & even out the skin tone. You can easily prepare an effective skin exfoliator at home by mixing red lentil (masur dal) powder with double-toned milk (for oily skin) or by adding honey & almond dust with grounded coffee (for dry skin).

However, if you are running out of time, just pick an exfoliator according to your skin type from our Skin Eraser Range. You should exfoliate your facial skin at least twice a week.

Face pack for a fairer & brighter skin

tips for brighter skin

The summer has certainly left all of us tanned & over pigmented. For a fresh look & fairer skin a de-tan, skin lightening pack can do wonders. Check out some easy home treatments for fairer & brighter skin.

Fruit Pack for de-tan

  Tips for brighter and younger skin

Fruits are effective natural skin de-tan agents. Prepare a mixed fruit pack with tomato, papaya & green grapes, mixing all of them in equal quantities. Add a little honey to the pack. Apply the pack on a cleansed face & leave on for 20 minutes.  Rub the pack lightly on your face with your clean hands before washing off with water. Use daily.

Cucumber & milk for fairer skin

fair skin before puja

To get rid of excess pigmentation on the skin, marks & spots add 1 spoon of fresh cucumber juice with 2 spoons of milk. Finally add few drops of lemon juice to it, mix well & apply onto your face & neck. Leave on for 10 minutes & then wash off. Follow this treatment daily before taking bath.

oxy de tan pack

If your skin has tanned extremely or in case there is excess pigmentation, the home treatments might not be able to remove the tan before Puja. In that case, the wise option will be to use the Oxy De-Tan Pack on alternate days of the week.         

Anti-ageing treatment for a younger look

Tips for erasing signs of aging quickly

If signs of ageing have started to appear on your face then you should take up an anti-ageing regimen right now to get a younger & fresh look before the festivity starts. Any natural anti-ageing regimen takes time to show effects but as you are already running out of time before Puja, it is important that you follow the suggestions mentioned here seriously to get results quickly.

Anti-ageing home treatment

To erase wrinkles from your face, a very effective treatment can be prepared at home with egg white & onion juice. This treatment will also help in toning & tightening as well as nourishing the skin.

anti-ageing treatment for younger skin

Grate an onion & collect 2 spoons of fresh onion juice. Break an egg, separate the white & add the onion juice to it. Apply the resulting mixture onto your face in a thin layer & let it get dry completely before removing with a wet cotton ball. Do not talk or move your facial muscles when the pack is on. Use this treatment on alternate days for best results.

In order to erase the signs of skin ageing & wrinkles from your face before the puja, only home treatments are not sufficient. You need to opt for a potent formulation with necessary vitamins, minerals & anti-oxidants that can nourish the skin & reverse the signs of skin ageing quickly.

brighter skin before puja

For fighting skin wrinkles, dryness, uneven skin tone & dullness Keya Seth STOPAGE & STOPAGE V are some of the best options available in the market. If you are aged below 35 and the signs of ageing on your face are not too prominent, STOPAGE can be a good choice. However, for skin with prominent signs of ageing & extreme dryness, STOPAGE V, enriched with essential oils & hyaluronic acid is always the best choice.

Tips to get brighter & younger skin before Puja

Apart from following the above skin care regimen religiously, also keep the following tips in mind to get best results,

  • Always wear sunscreen with adequate SPF before stepping out into the sun & reapply as required.
  • Before going to bed make sure that your face is completely free from any trace of makeup.
  • Include more green leafy vegetables in your daily diet & drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Maintaining a simple but regular skin care regime that suits your skin type is essential to get brighter & younger looking skin. You really need not to complicate your daily skin care with loads of products but it is essential to pick the right products to get any effective results.    






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