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Stop the Spread of Germs & Coronavirus with an Ayurvedic Hand Sanitizer

It’s been over 2 years that the entire humanity is fighting the outbreak of the menacing Coronavirus. Over the last 2 years, the virus has mutated repeatedly, and according to experts, the virus can still generate new variants unless we are able to reduce or control its further expansion.  

Did you know that viruses keep mutating as long as they are infecting something? Therefore, day-to-day hygiene still stands essential to each of us apart from getting vaccinated. And you can surely rely on a Hand Sanitizer that’s enriched with the best of Ayurvedic ingredients. Here’s more!  

The Power of Ayurveda to Fight Germs  

Ayurveda, the 5000-year-old medicinal practice, which is based on the prevention and treatment of a disease, cures the root problem and not just the symptoms. Being a holistic system of wellness, it always promotes a healthy lifestyle, balancing the bodily doshas.  

Hygiene being the key to that healthy lifestyle can prevent the spread of COVID-19. That’s why several govt. and private organisations have been recommending washing hands frequently at least for 20 seconds. And that too not just with any soap. According to the guidelines set by WHO (World Health Organization), One must use a soap or a hand sanitizer that contains no less than 60% alcohol.  

At Keya Seth Medicure, we have successfully combined the Power of Ayurveda with WHO Formulation to offer each one of you a safer and healthier environment. Here’s how our Ankush Hand Sanitizer works.  

Why Choose Ankush Hand Sanitizer to Prevent the Spread of Germs?  

Ankush is the first-of-its-kind, skin-loving Hand Sanitizer Liquid that’s made up of Natural Anti-Microbial Ingredients. Researched and developed by Keya Seth Medicure, Ankush Hand Sanitizer can kill 99.9% germs, for it contains 70% Isopropyl Alcohol or IPA, as indicated in the WHO COVID-19 regulations.  

What is Isopropyl Alcohol or IPA?  

It is a kind of rubbing alcohol that is widely used as an Antiseptic in aftershave lotions, healthcare solutions, and other cosmetics. Being a powerful germicide, it can kill a variety of germs, including harmful bacteria, fungi, and even viruses.   

Wondering if it’s safe to use on the skin? People are often sceptical about using any type of rubbing alcohol on their skin, fearing skin damage. This is because several sanitizer brands use denatured alcohol instead that are toxic by nature and can cause rashes and inflammations on the skin. But Ankush is completely safe on your skin, in fact, being blended with the right concentration of Essential Oils, the hand sanitizer leaves your skin soft & smooth.  

How Does Lavender Essential Oil Help?  

It works against respiratory tract infection-causing bacteria with notable antibacterial activity. It fights pathogens related to dermatological diseases while leaving a soothing effect on the skin. The oil can contribute to healing wounds and lessening redness & irritation.  

How Does Rose Essential Oil Help?  

It hydrates dry skin and heals types of skin conditions. As the oil contains a high level of phenolic compounds, it demonstrates strong Antiseptic, Anti-Inflammatory & Antibacterial activities.  

Moreover, the blend of Essential Oils contributes to a mild & calming fragrance, eliminating the strong alcoholic smell. 

How to Disinfect Your Hands with Ankush Hand Sanitizer?  

Take a coin size of Ankush Hand Sanitizer on your palms and rub briskly until dry. Do not use water. Ankush Hand Sanitizer is free from side effects and gentle on your skin. However, whenever you’re using it, keep the following things in mind:  

  • The product is inflammable  
  • Do avoid its contact with eyes  
  • Do not freeze it   
  • Do not use it on sensitive skin  
  • Consult a doctor if swallowed accidentally  
  • It’s for external use only  

Well, that’s not all of it! Keya Seth Medicure & Aromatherapy have also launched a COVID Care range that offers comprehensive protection to you and your family against harmful germs. Here’s a glimpse for you: 

Ankush Ayurvedic Antiseptic Liquid for First Aid and Personal Hygiene. It’s 100% Natural & Ayurvedic, and free from Chloroxylenol.  

Ankush Antiseptic Disinfectant Liquid, a Multipurpose product for Home & Personal Hygiene with Essential Oils & Other Trusted Herbs, backed by a Revolutionary Formula emerging out of years of research. 

Ankush All-In-One Sanitizer with 70% IPA concentration that successfully Disinfects your Full Body and All Surfaces. Free from Paraben & Sulfate. 

Ankush Hair Sanitizing Conditioner that Protects from Germs while Nourishing Your Hair Naturally. It’s enriched with Amla, Methi & Cetrimide. 

Shakti, a one-of-a-kind Immunity Booster Drink, which is a Healthy Blend of 18 Ayurvedic Herbs, Boosts your Natural Immunity and Protects from Cold, Flu & Other Respiratory Infections. 

Hot And Cold, a Therapeutic Grade Essence, which is made up of Pure Essential Oils, contains Anti-Microbial, Antiseptic, Antiviral & Decongestant Properties, helping in Fight and Prevent Cough, Throat Infection, Sinusitis, Headaches caused by Congestion and other Respiratory Illnesses. 




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