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Summer And Sun Tan

After a cold and dull winter, who doesn’t look forward to taking out their bright strappy tops, favourite flip-flops and their most trusted pair of sunglasses? A liberal amount of sunscreen, a cold fizzy drink in one hand and that blindingly colourful umbrella in the other-and you are good to go! While most of us have a love-hate relationship with summer, who can deny that all of us await it because of the many thrills it has to offer.

But wait! Is the sun as good for your skin as it is for your mood?
Prolonged and uninterrupted exposure to the sun not only causes suntan, but also premature aging and skin cancer.

But worry not, as we will take you through what your skin goes through in summer and how to provide it the protection it deserves.


The onset of summer brings beauty issues like skin tanning and sun burn. But what is commonly ignored is the serious damage it does to the health of your skin. UVB rays are the harmful rays from the sun that causes sunburns.  UVA rays are often referred to as the safe rays or tanning rays. However dermatologists are of the opinion that its important to protect ourselves against both types of ultraviolet light because both damage the skin.

In fact UVA rays penetrate the skin deeper than UVB rays and can do as much damage as UVB.

What both of these essentially do is burn the layers of the skin and takes away its elasticity. So, often even if you are using sunscreen and have kept sunburns at bay, your skin winds up looking dull and lifeless. It is thus equally important to not only protect but replenish the health of your skin throughout summer.


Although sunscreen is one of the best tools to prevent all of that, choosing the one that suits your skin and schedule in a store can be overwhelming and confusing. There are a vast number of options with varying SPF levels to choose from

In general dermatologists recommend a broad spectrum sunscreen with a sun protecting factor (SPF) of 30 and above. Though the SPF refers to protection against ultraviolet B (UVB) rays, it is important to make sure that your choice is a broad spectrum lotion that suits your skin type.


  • Your sunscreen works best when applied 15 minutes before going out and reapplied every 40mins to 2 hours depending on the intensity of exposure
  • More is more when it comes to sunscreen. Most of us tend to be sparse while using sun protection and almost always miss out spots while applying. The more liberal you are with your sun protection, the better it works. Be extra careful to not forget your ears, lips, hairline and the tops of your feet.
  • Water based sunscreens are suited better for oily and combination skin. Try the Umbrella Sunscreen Solution SPF 40 with PA+++ UV Protection, Sweat Resistant Formula Oil Control Enriched with Avocado & Wheatgerm Essential Oil. It is sweat resistant and avocado and wheatgerm essential oil works wonders to regenerate the damaged skin cells.
  • Oil based sunscreens are heavier on the skin and should only be used by those with very dry skin.
  • The heat already causes your skin to sweat and release natural oils which can clog up the pores and cause pimples and rashes. Kaolin clay and sandalwood oil detoxifies skin and soothes irritation. Find them both along with SPF 75 and PPD Defense in Umbrella Sunscreen Solution SPF 75 with PA +++ Long Lasting UV Heat Protection Formula Oil Control Enriched Micronized Zinc Oxide.


Contrary to what all that sweating and skin breakouts has lead you to believe, it is possible to wear makeup and keep it on all day even in summer. As with your sunscreen, go for water-based products to keep your makeup from looking cakey. Substitute the compact powder with Umbrella Sunscreen Powder SPF 50 with PA +++ UV. It not only acts as a setting powder for a smooth makeup like finish but also provides an additional shield against the sun for all skin types.


Take a look at your shadow. Your shadow is shorter than you are between 10am to 4pm. That’s when the sun is at its highest and inflicts havoc on your skin. Avoid going out during these hours and take the most precaution if you do.


While you should always wear sunscreen when you are outside, there are more options at your fingertips which help protect your skin.

Always carry an umbrella and invest in some UV filtering sunglasses. Buy that wide-brimmed hat on your next trip to the beaches and flaunt it with equal ease inside the city. We do not recommend taking off your face masks but understand when you needs to. When you do, make sure that your lips are protected by a lip balm with SPF.

It is tempting to flaunt your summer body in the strappiest of tops and shortest of shorts but wearing covered clothing does more to protect your skin than we give it credit for. Cover your arms and legs at least when you are outside. Stock up on bandanas to protect your hair from smoke, dirt and sun. The health of your hair and skin is not to be taken lightly especially by those living in cities.


Sun protection for babies is incredibly important as their skin is sensitive and more prone to damage. However their skins aren’t ready for sunscreen yet. Babies less than one year of age should be protected with sun protective clothing.

For children, massaging olive oil an hour before they go out acts as a natural shield against the sun.


Honey, lemon, turmeric and curd are some easy ingredients that are almost always stashed in some corner of your fridge. Every grandmother has her own trick recipe to use these to remove the worst sunburns. Cold rose water and cucumber juice acts as natural toners and helps cool your skin. Rubbing lemon slices and sugar on elbows, knees and fingers will do wonders in a matter of days. We also recommend oats mixed with buttermilk to naturally exfoliate burnt skin.


Tanned skin may be accompanied with itchiness, open pores, redness and a burning sensation. Oxy De Tan Removal for Glowing & Lighting Oil Control, Anti Acne & Pimples Blemishes Pigmentation De Tan Pack for Face and Body is a regular use product by Keya Seth Aromatherapy that assures radiant, even-toned skin with every touch up.


Tempting as they look and taste, those chilled fizzy drinks, iced teas and ice-cream shakes are not doing your skin any favours. Not only do they ruin all the hard work you might be putting in the gym, but also damages your skin and hair. Substitute the soft drinks with coconut water, cold coffees with freshly squeezed juices and iced teas with chilled fruit. The more water you add to your system, the less you will worry about dull loose skin, fine lines and lackluster hair.



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