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Trendy Orange in Winter Skin Care

‘Winter skincare range and Fairness’ sounds antonymous... right? 

The monotonous skincare products during winter are exceptionally discarded for the greasy effect. An excess amount of oil on the skin draws attention to a jittery feeling all day long.

But not anymore…. nature has a lot to offer for the perfect skincare even in the chilly season. The “Humble Orange” is an extraordinary fruit, full of ingredients that helps boost your complexion in wintertime too.

An orange a day not only keeps the doctor away but also is extremely effective for producing glowing skin. Every part of the fruit is worth using as a comprehensive element for complete allure. 

The refreshing fruit is a very affluent source of natural oils, vitamins, and fiber that have been used for years as the best ingredients in any skincare recipes. The antioxidants in an orange fight the free radicals to slow down the process of skin aging and wrinkles. Its effectiveness of gleaning out all the impurities to leave a perfect glowing skin behind is splendidly known. The rejuvenating formula of the juice is an excellent solution for the shrinking of open pores and the reduction of skin blemishes. This tropical fruit supplies with abundant amount of vitamin c and citric acid that is responsible for healthier vibrant skin.

Keya Seth Aromatherapy Orange care range

Assimilating all the benefits of orange in a single source may seem to be tough job enough. As a solution Keya Seth Aromatherapy’s wide range of products with orange as the core ingredient becomes a handy source of grasping all these incredible perks while accomplishing your beauty goals, this season of fall. The products range from:

  • Orange Body Oil: A light weight body oil that moisturizes and promotes healthy skin. The collagen-boosting ingredient soothes the skin, treats acne and rashes. Provides a visibly brighter skin with instant nourishment without making the skin feel sticky. A gentle massage all over the body after a bath on wet skin and before bed at night would make one fall in love with their own skin. Other than orange it also contains essential oils from sandalwood, carrot seed, wheat germ, and sunflower.  
  • Orange Cream: Orange essential oil-infused cream that nourishes and heals the skin. Vitamin C improves texture, tone, elasticity and erases fine lines aiding with a shield of natural defense to the skin. The product is highly effective in boosting the collagen production of the skin, also promotes the blood circulation underneath the skin. Increased blood circulation allows the skin to rejuvenate and replenish its dead cells. Regular application of this product improves the skin’s natural defence mechanism by improving the absorption of anti-oxidant in the skin. Should be applied on a freshly cleansed face and neck gently. Essential oils of grape seed and frankincense along with orange create the best combination to bring out the best results on the skin.
  • Skin Hydrating Orange: Best suited for dry and flakey skin in winter. 100% alcohol-free toning formula moisturizes, nourishes, and quenches the thirst. Fully packed with anti-oxidant as an added layer to the skin for protection. Provides with nourishment and moisture that hydrates and lightens the skin tone. Activates and intensifies the skin repairing mechanism. Twice application on freshly cleansed skin is advised for better results. Can also be mixed with the chosen face pack for the preferred outcome. Also contains carrot seed oil to support and intensify the best of orange. 
  • Soft and Smooth Aromatic Lip Jelly: Dry chapped lips are a strict ‘no no’ this winter. A thin layer of lip balm infused with effectiveness of orange is just the right thing for moisturized soft lips all day long. Use the clean finger tips to apply the balm as and when required. Absence of any kind of petroleum by product or parabens gets advantageous enough. A refreshing smell of golden oranges is an added bonus.

Healthy, illuminating skin is desired by all and the benefits of orange are extensive which makes it a perfect ingredient for a daily skincare regime. 

Orange in new age winter skin care

Just talking about skin care benefits is not enough when it comes to an Orange. This polite fruit has more to be talked about. India is the third largest producer of oranges in the world that contributes a handsome percentage of India’s GDP. Also, the country ranks second in the area of orange production among the world. Nearly 29 lakh tons of oranges are produced different states of India every year.

Maharashtra is the mass producer followed by Assam, Karnataka, Rajasthan and West Bengal, etc. Based on the characteristics of the fruit the types are divided according to the region.

The Orange range is strictly is produced from the oranges grown in our own nation. This act is earnestly taken care of to support the hard work of our own farmers. The situation of this world-wide pandemic has let the economy in a stagnant position. Such a condition urges us to make in India and support the system of economy to boost the future…



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