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Fresh Look Lotus Gel Face Wash – Skin Whitening, Brightening, Dirt Removal, Deep Cleansing for Sensitive Dry & Acne Prone Skin.

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Enriched with extracts of Lotus, Orange, Grapes, Honey & pure essential oils of Lavender, Rosemary & Sweet Geranium Fresh Look Face Wash – Refreshing Lotus cleanses, hydrates & protects skin with its Aromatherapy & Ayurveda combined formula.

Fresh Look Face Wash – Refreshing Lotus for Naturally Clearer and Softer skin

Fresh Look Face Wash – Refreshing Lotus with pure lotus extract cleanses and nourishes skin with its soap free non-foaming formula. Lotus with its various nutrients such as Vitamin A and exfoliators such as Alpha Hydroxy Acids improve skin elasticity and reduces acne. Orange and Grapes even out skin tone and increases collagen production. Honey moisturizes dry skin helping you to get rid of flakiness and that dry feel. The essential Oils of lavender, rosemary and germanium reduces wrinkles, lessens rashes and tones skin muscles respectively.

A perfect Natural Cleanser for Dry Skin

Due to the increased amount of pollution in the environment it has become really important to choose your daily skin cleanser with care & more so when you have dry skin. Fresh Look Face Wash Lotus has been developed keeping the needs of dry & matured skin in mind. It cleanses the skin without reaping off the necessary moisture & promotes better water retention in skin.