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Hot and Cold-Congestion Reliever Steam Inhaler- Prevents Cold and Cough, Flu - Natural Therapeutic Essential Oil Blend Eucalyptus & Peppermint

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This Comprehensive Essential Oil blend "Hot & Cold" is specially formulated to treat Cold and Cough, Flu, Congestion, Allergic Sneezing, effective for all ages without any side effects. 


The Anti-Microbial, Antiseptic, Antiviral & Decongestant Properties of Eucalyptus & Peppermint Oil, that helps to fight and prevents throat infection, Sinusitis, headaches caused by congestion; eases tight & dry cough; fights tonsillitis, chesty cough; relieves the breathlessness of asthma and bronchitis by loosening the mucus and Beneficial Effect on respiratory illness. 


The natural Anti bactericidal, Anti –fungal, Anti- Inflammatory properties of the essential oils used in this blend act as an immunity Booster and effective in all types of fever, lowers the temperature. The sedative nature benefits of a calm, relaxed, and stress-free mind and body. 


We never compromise quality for the price; Our oils are highly concentrated, steam or water distillate,100% pure, Natural, undiluted. Our smaller packaging ensures that the AROMA remain intact. 


It is the most potent inhalation method. Use it 4-5 drops in the Steam machine/Vaporizer or Hot bowl and inhale. It reaches the central nervous system and gives instant relief from Cold & Cough. During steam inhalation, the warm, moist air is thought to work by loosening the mucus in the nasal passages, throat, and lungs. 


Add  4-5 drops on Steam Machine/Vaporizer, Nebulizer or Handkerchief. Sit upright and Deep Breathe for 10-15 mins 3-4 times day. You can also add few drops on your pillow for a restful sleep. Increase drops based on your preferences. 

There are many types of medicine available in the market for cold & Cough that contain harmful ingredients and have side effects. But our “HOT & COLD” is a natural way to cure Cold, Cough, Flu, and Allergies which is made by highly concentrated cold-pressed Essential Oil.   

What is Aromatherapy?   

Essential oils are often used in Aromatherapy. The term “Aromatherapy” literally means the use of aroma or essence as a therapy. It involves the use of aromatic essential oils for aesthetic & therapeutic purposes, promoting overall well-being. Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being. Aromatherapy uses aromatic essential oils medicinally to improve the health of the body, mind & Spirit. Even it enhances both physical & Emotional health. Aromatherapy can be strictly distinguished from Ayurveda & Herbalism. It involves only using essential oils or the “life oils” of aromatic plants extracted from the flowers, leaves, bark & other parts of the plant.   


Power of Essential Oils    

“HOT & COLD”- contains a unique blend of natural, undiluted Essential oils that include Pepper Oil, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Thyme, which is 100% pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and no fillers, additives, bases, or carriers added.    

EUCALYPTUS OIL- The Australian gum tree, is a natural decongestant. Its antiviral action works well on the respiratory tract, soothing inflammation and easing mucus. Good for influenza throat infection, catarrhal cough conditions, sinusitis, asthma, and tuberculosis. Clears the head due to stuffiness from colds and hay fever. Excellent with infectious illnesses.  

PEPPERMINT OIL- A powerful and overwhelming menthol fragrance. Its cooling nature seems to relieve states of anger, hysteria, and nervous trembling. Excellent for mental fatigue and depression. It has a dual-action – cooling when hot and warming when cold this makes it a good remedy for colds by halting mucus and fevers. 

TEA- TREE OIL- essential oil is an exceptionally powerful antiseptic, helps to fight alleviates sore throats, tonsillitis; eases bronchitis, chesty coughs and congestion. 

BLACK PEPPER OIL- An ancient and highly revered spice with a very sharp aroma. It has a beneficial effect on respiratory illness, particularly where there is a feeling of cold. Brings down high body temperatures. 

THYME OIL- A very potent oil, sweet & intensely herbal fragrance that is very effective in bronchitis, whooping cough, laryngitis, tonsillitis due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties. It also increases immunity.  

LAVENDER OIL – Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, relieves colds, flu, sinusitis and throat infections. Used in inhalations, vaporizers, baths or application. The sedative nature benefits of a calm, relaxed, and stress-free mind and body.