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Instant Hair-Hair Building Fibers & Hair Styling Lotion for Studio Styling & Setting Combo Pack

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Bullet Points

  • Thin to Thick Salon-Like Styled Hair: The Hair Building Fiber for Men & Women covers up thinning hair & bald spots Naturally; the Hair Styling Lotion provides Strong Hold & Easy Styling

  • Keratin Microfiber: The Tiny Keratin Microfibers in the Concealer Transforms your Appearance by blending with your hair & Increasing Hair Density

  • Essential Oils: With Pure Essential Oils of Clary Sage & Frankincense, the Hair Styling Lotion Nourishes & Strengthens Hair; Aloe Vera & Provitamin B5 Conditions & Prevents Hair Breakage

  • Long-Lasting Youthful Look: The Hair Loss Concealer lasts through wind, rain, perspiration, or sports all day long until washed; The Nourishing Lotion helps settle the Concealer; makes any Hairstyle Possible & keeps it Neat All Day; can be used daily instead of hair spray for firm hold & better Hair Health; No Side Effects

  • How to Use: Gently sprinkle the Hair Concealer Powder on dry hair, targeting the thinning areas; then apply Hair Styling Lotion for Setting & Styling; Lotion can be used during Hair Straightening & Smoothening for Softness & Lustre

Product Description

Instant Hair Fix & Styling with Hair Building Fiber & Styling Lotion

Hair may start to lose volume and thickness with age. Although hair thinning and baldness are often associated with some internal disease or condition, mostly they are symptoms of ageing. However, premature hair fall and bald patches can affect one’s self-esteem. The Instant Hair Concealer for Men & Women is a quick and simple solution to improve the appearance of your hair. Its Tiny Keratin Microfibers, the Protein our hair is made of, blends with your hair effortlessly. It Adds Volume to your hair maintaining its Natural Looks without any side effects.

The Hair Styling Lotion, enriched with Clary Sage and Frankincense Essential Oils provides Nourishment to your locks from root to tip. It contains Provitamin B5 that contributes to Hair Conditioning while Aloe Vera Extracts Preserves Hair Health. Ideas for setting the Concealer Powder, the Lotion is great at help you Salon-Like Styling Finish to your Hair.

The top benefits of this Instant Hair Concealer include:

  • Doesn’t affect scalp or existing hair growth

  • Helps get Voluminous, Natural-Looking Hair Appearance

  • Lasts all day through wind, rain, sweat, and sports until washed

  • Easy application, easy removal, and a Quick Fix to Hair Fall

  • A great Alternative to wig

  • The Hair Concealer is available in dual shades—Black & Brown to blend with your hair texture and colour

The top benefits of the Hair Styling Lotion include:

  • Loaded with Pure Essential Oils of Clary Sage and Frankincense

  • Makes every hairstyle possible

  • Improves the Hold of Hairstyle, keeps it Neat and Adds Longevity

  • Shields Hairstyle from environmental factors like rough wind

  • Enriched with Aloe Vera Extracts and Provitamin B5

  • Allows you to get any hairstyle without compromising with hair health

Clary Sage Essential Oil

Controls dandruff, treats greasy hair, and Promotes Healthy Scalp.

Frankincense Essential Oil

The Stress Relieving Oil Soothes Hair Follicles and Stimulates faster hair Growth.

Provitamin B5

Coats and Seals in Moisture by Binding Hair Follicles and adds Shine and Softness to Hair.

Aloe Vera Extracts

The Refreshing, Non-Sticky, and Highly Beneficial Aloe Vera Extracts is a solution for dandruff and hair fall. It Deep-Conditions your tresses and help you attain any hairstyle of your wish.

How to Apply the Instant Hair Building Fiber and Hair Styling Lotion?

The product comes in powder texture and must be applied on dry hair by sprinkling gently until the scalp appears covered. You can use it to conceal:

  • Thinning areas

  • Bald patches

  • Wide partings

Next, apply Hair Styling Lotion for Setting the Conceal & Styling your hair according to your preference. You can also use it during Hair Straightening & Smoothening for Softness & Lustre.

Care & Storage

The Hair Building Fiber is for external use only. Keep in a cool and dark place. Discontinue using the product in case of any irritation. If in contact with eyes, wash out with water. Keep out of the reach of children. The product does not have any therapeutic claim.