Lip Sugar Scrub with Shea Butter, Rose oil & Honey Gentle Exfoliation – Keya Seth Aromatherapy

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Lip Sugar Scrub with Shea Butter, Rose oil & Honey Gentle Exfoliation Hydration for Dark & Chapped Lips & Restore Natural colour for Men & Women 11ml

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BRIGHTENING & MOISTURISED SMOOTHE LIPS: Lip Scrub is a powerful moisturizing lip exfoliator that gently exfoliates dead, dry & chapped skin from the lips. Lip Sugar Scrub from Keya Seth Aromatherapy contains Shea Butter & Quanterised Honey as Emollients to give hydration & Natural Sugar Scrub as an Exfoliant makes Lips smooth with the nourishment of Rose Essential Oil makes Lips Brightens, Smoothen & Moisturises.  

SHEA BUTTER & HONEY QUAT: Shea Butter Oil protects the skin & repairs damage caused by Climate aggression, Pollution & UV radiation. This emollient provides the skin with unique plant molecules with soothing, regenerating & protective virtues. It helps to heal cracked, chapped & damaged Lip skin. It has Vitamins A & E, is highly compatible with the skin & promotes Soft, Hydrated & Shiny Lips. Honey Quat is a natural Honey-derived conditioning agent with twice the moisturising ability of glycerin. It draws moisture to help the lip’s skin keep hydrated. Excellent moisture binding & cleansing capabilities act as a free radical scavenger with rich, natural antioxidants to soothe dehydrated skin. 

SUGAR SCRUB:  As a natural exfoliant, it contains Minerals found in Sugar Cane & suitable for Sensitive & Delicate Skin. Naturally enriched AHA in Sugar helps to dissolve dead skin particles & leave behind buttery soft, bright & flawless lips to apply any lip products evenly. Microfine sugar particles buff away dry, chapped lips, stimulate new cell renewal, help in nourishment & deeply hydrate and treat lip dryness, cracking & flaking. 

ROSE ESSENTIAL OIL: Important Constituents like Geranic (Acid), Citronellol, Geraniol, Nerol (Alcohols) & Myrcene of the Rose Essential Oil are good for Dry, Sensitive & Delicate lip Skin. It combats Redness & Inflammation and strengthens the skin’s cells. The skin’s cell barriers aid in absorbing & retaining moisture. Its tonic & soothing quality is helpful for sensitivity. 

REGIME: After cleaning the previous lip colour or dust/dirt, a little bit of lip scrub spreads evenly around the dampened lips using one finger. Leave it for 1-2 mins. Close the lips together & rub the bottom lip against the top lip in a circular motion. Clean the excess scrub with a soft wet tissue & dab the lips dry. Apply Lip Brightening Hydrating Serum to condition the lips. Follow the technique 1-3 times weekly