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Fair & Bright Serum, Skin Brightening, Whitening, with Vitamin C, AHA Exfoliation with Glycolic & Lactic ACID, Lavender & Geranium Essential Oil

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    Made with the most effective and widely used AHAs, essential oils, and vitamins, this mild serum sinks quickly into the skin without making it feel greasy and cleans dead cells & other impurities from the skin. Its hydrating efficacy helps to keep the skin’s elasticity, reduces dark patches & renews skin texture. This well-formulated serum works wonders at smoothing, brightening & softening your skin. Pamper your skin with regular use of serum & fall in love with your skin again!


    Stabilized Vitamin C (AA2G) helps reduce acne, scar, fine lines, and wrinkles in a perfectly natural and safe way. Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, is excellent for boosting collagen production, reducing oxidative stress, & helps to remove dark circles, minimize sunburn & promote even skin tone. Another powerful agent, Sodium lactate, a natural humectant, absorbs water from the air & retains it in the skin to protect against foreign threats & maintain pH levels by reducing SKIN, the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles & promoting soft & lighter skin.


    UV exposure & aging can result in the appearance of dull skin, discolorations & dark spots. Our potent serum formulated with AHAs like Glycolic acid & Lactic acid leaves skin clarified to reveal renewed complexion. Glycolic acid removes pore-clogging dead skin cells & fades acne marks, scars & hyperpigmentation. Lactic acid gently exfoliates the skin. It is used to treat uneven complexion, protect hydration, reduce large pores & show a Dewy glow.


    Rich in antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties, they help to destroy free radicals that cause acne breakout, aging & puffy skin. With therapeutic properties, it promotes the growth of new cells, a healing effect on burns & sunburn, and minimizes fungal growth. Geranium oil improves the blood flow and enlivens the pale skin, the fatty secretion in sebaceous glands keeps the skin supple, tightens, softens & refreshes its age defense & calming quality of the oil makes skin cool & refreshes younger.

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    After cleansing & toning with Fresh Look Face wash and Skin Hydrating Toner of choice, apply a few drops of Fair & Bright Serum all over the face & neck & gently massage in AM & For a healthier & more lustrous look, use Fair & Bright Day & Night Cream in conjunction. Apply Umbrella Sunscreen Range after using the Fair & Bright Day Cream in AM. This serum is suitable for all skin types.

     With so many beauty products being introduced to the cosmetic world, skin serum is one of the most popular. Fair & Bright Fairness serum is formulated in a way to deliver maximum powerful ingredients like AA2G (vitamin C), famous AHA, s (Glycolic acid, Lactic acid), essential oils (Lavender essential oil & Geranium essential oil) & hydrating agent Sodium Lactate directly to your skin. This luxurious Serum helps to get an even tone with the help of vitamin C, which acts as a free radical scavenger & helps in the synthesis of collagen in fibroblast cells. An excellent humectant, Sodium Lactate increases skin hydration and maintains the skin’s pH balance to make the skin more vibrant, supple, & refreshed. Glycolic Acid & Lactic Acid are excellent exfoliators that control dead cell accumulation on the skin surface, minimize hyperpigmentation, hold skin hydration & improve some forms of acne. These are the safe ingredients to brighten & even the complexion. Lavender essential oil with antioxidant powers also helps to repair skin damage. It heals sunburn & detoxifies the skin. Geranium with natural anti-inflammatory properties, essential oil is highly soothing, reducing wrinkles and puffiness around the eyes. The hypoallergenic & non-comedogenic serum is the best serum for your skin. Once you introduce it to your daily skincare routine, you are doing the right thing for your skin.

     Lactic acid- Lactic acid is an excellent antioxidant & exfoliant; it is used to treat age spots and uneven complexion. Improve skin tone, protect hydration, and reduce pore appearance.

    Glycolic Acid- While providing excellent exfoliation, the powerhouse AHA improves skin tone, texture & some forms of acne & minimizes hyperpigmentation & even complexion.

    Lavender Essential oil- Derived from the flower by steam distillation, Lavender essential oil has exceptional anti-inflammatory properties & helps to treat acne scars and age spots; its antioxidant powers also help to repair skin damage.

    Geranium Essential oil- Derived from leaves by steam distillation, the Geranium essential oil is a natural antioxidant & anti-inflammatory oil that boosts regeneration of the cells & tightens skin's health & natural glow. It is highly soothing. Reduces wrinkles & puffiness around the eye areas.

    AA2G (Vitamin C)- Ascorbic Acid 2-Glucoside (AA2G) slowly releases vitamin C, which acts as a free radical scavenger and helps synthesize collagen in fibroblast cells. Maintains hydration of skin, helps to appear skin more vibrant and refreshed.

    Sodium lactate- Sodium lactate occurs naturally in the skin and is an excellent humectant. It increases skin hydration and maintains the pH balance of the skin. Our skin pH is vital for protecting the skin surface's natural barrier.