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Skin Defence Orange Cream- Light Moisturizing, Quick Absorbing, Skin Repairs & Rejuvenation Enriched with Pure Orange Essential Oil and Vitamin C

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  • VITAMIN C FACE CREAM FOR DRY SKIN: A Quick-Absorbing, Skin Repair, and Rejuvenation Face Cream for Dry Skin; enriched with Pure Orange Essential Oil and Vitamin C   
  • ORANGE ESSENTIAL OIL : Cultivated across the tropical regions of India; Orange has a fresh, zesty aroma. soothes dry, rough & irritated skin. Promotes brighter complexionBoosts collagen production. Treats acne. Tones and tightens Skin 
  • HYDRATING ESSENTIAL OILS: This Dry Skin Cream for Women and Men combines the goodness of Orange Oil, Frankincense Oil, and Grape Seed Essential Oils in a cream base; improves skin texture while controlling excess oil and reducing blemishes, age spots, and wrinkles 
  • GLOWING SKIN: This Dry Skin Cream for Face with Natural Resources Lightens Skin Complexion by increasing Blood Flow; can be used as a Night Cream  
  • HOW TO USE: To improve your skin’s natural defence, apply this cream on freshly cleansed face and neck and massage gently; for best results apply twice daily

A Rejuvenating Dry Skin Cream for Women & Men 

Dull and rough skin not only appears lifeless nut also are the signs of skin damage. This Vitamin C Dry Skin Cream for Winter is imbued with the Pure Essential Oils of Orange, Frankincense, and Grape Seed that work as a Natural Conditioner and repair skin effectively, leaving it healthy, bright, and enviable. 

Orange Essential Oil 

Also recognized as a great stress reliever, it improves skin texture and reduces wrinkles by boosting antioxidant absorption and collagen production. 

Frankincense Essential Oil 

It helps to treat dryness and reduces the appearance of blemishes, wrinkles, age spots, scars, etc. 

Grape Seed Essential Oil 

It has Anti-Inflammatory and Antimicrobial properties. It softens and smoothens skin, evens out skin tone, and improves Skin Elasticity. 

 Get the Vitamin C Defence  

Vitamin C not only develops and repairs body tissues but also keeps your skin healthy and hydrated. This Vitamin C Cream for Dry Skin has 7 Orange Essential Oil Benefits:  

  1. Absorbs more Antioxidants  
  2. Enhances skin’s Natural Defence  
  3. Helps in the formation of Collagen  
  4. Promotes Blood Flow  
  5. Rejuvenates skin  
  6. Makes skin Pimple-Free  
  7. Revives original skin tone by making it Soft & Supple