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Tetra Skin Whitening Conditioner- Brightness Glowing Moisturizes Heal Dry Damaged Skin Remove Suntan & Blemishes with Pure Herbs

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  • Rejuvenates skin complexion
  • Promotes even and brighter skin tone
  • Nourishes and hydrates skin, heals dry patches
  • Enriched with pure essential oils for maximum effectiveness
  • Protects skin from harmful environmental factors
  • Wipes off soft signs of premature skin ageing

A deeply nourishing & hydrating aromatherapy based skin conditioner that gives 4x* more fairness; heals & protects skin, makes it soft, supple and healthy.

4X* Brighter & Fairer skin, naturally

TETRA Fairness Enhancing Conditioner is a potent and active formula that has been formulated keeping the needs of dry, damaged skin in mind. TETRA conditioner offers multi-dimensional benefits; it nourishes, hydrates, rejuvenates and lightens the skin naturally. A perfect blend of precious herbs and essential oils has given this product skin rejuvenating properties, making it effective in wiping off soft signs of skin-aging quickly. It also protects skin from environmental pollutants and offers a radiant look that is sure to win you many compliments.

How to Use

Apply lavishly to cleansed face and neck. Massage lightly, in circular motion for the conditioner to get absorbed into the skin. For best results, use with TETRA Complexion Enhancing Serum and Cream from the same range and follow the regime mentioned below. TETRA Conditioner can also work as a great makeup base for dry skin.

*from our previous formula

Tetra Total Complexion Recovery System - A Luxurious treat for your Skin

Tetra Complexion Enhancing Treatment by Keya Seth Aromatherapy

Why you need Tetra Total Complexion Recovery System?

Professional complexion recovery at home

Pollution, harmful environmental factors often hide the natural brightness & fairness of skin. In such cases, professional treatment is necessary to recover the natural complexion. Chemical filled skin fairness products can give results but in the long run they are sure to harm the skin negatively. Tetra, total complexion rejuvenation system is formulated sans the harmful chemicals; it hydrates, lightens & brightens skin through its innovative, skin nourishing formula. Apart from giving you 4X* brighter, blemish free skin this pure essential oils & precious herbs enriched professional strength 3 step system also fights soft signs of skin ageing, giving you softer, brighter, smoother & envious skin with regular use.

The Regime


Use Tetra Complexion Enhancing Serum followed by the Tetra Complexion Rejuvenation Cream.


Use Tetra Complexion Enhancing Serum followed by the Tetra Fairness Enhancing Conditioner.

For best results

Before using the tetra range cleanse your face with Fresh Look Face Wash according to your skin type and tone with Skin Hydrating Lavender.

Follow the regime daily at least for 3 months for noticeable results. Also Ideal for complexion maintenance.