Umbrella Sunscreen Powder SPF 25 with PA+++ UV Protection, Sweat Resis – Keya Seth Aromatherapy

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Umbrella Sunscreen Powder SPF 25 with PA+++ UV Protection, Sweat Resistant Formula, Micronized Zinc Oxide for Oily Skin

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  • UVA & UVB Protection: The Sunscreen Powder with SPF 25 and PA+++ offers Double Sun Protection against UVA and UVB rays while providing a Makeup-like Finish to your skin      
  • Non-Oily Formula: The Sunscreen Powder for face is enriched with Micronized Zinc Oxide that regulates your skin's oil production with its mild astringent properties, making the product suitable for oily skin; Sandalwood Oil and Tinosorb M develop a Sun Shield while soothing your skin; suits all skin types   
  • Sweat-Resistant & Instant Brightening: Powered by SPF 25, the Sunscreen Powder effectively blocks 96% of UVB rays; its Sweat-Resistant Formula brightens face instantly; keeps face smooth and radiant for long hours, preventing sunburn and suntan     
  • Application: For best results, the loose Sunscreen Powder should be applied as the top layer of protection over Keya Seth Umbrella Sunscreen Solution; blend lightly to get a matte & smooth makeup finish; can be used as a setting powder 


Say No to Sunburn & Suntan  

Enjoy Double Sun Protection as you step outside with Sunscreen Powder SPF 25 that contains PA+++ and offers Broad-Spectrum Sun Protection against the harmful UV rays. It maintains a Smooth Appearance for your skin without dryness for Long Hours.  

Tinosorb M     

Being a Photostable Compound, it enhances the Sunscreen’s effectiveness, resulting in Broad-Spectrum UV Protection for skin.    

Micronized Zinc Oxide     

It absorbs the carcinogenic UV rays while combating premature ageing.     

Sandalwood Oil    

Soothes skin irritations while protecting from sunburns & sun allergies.    

SPF 25: Defence Against Pigment Darkening   

Tanning can not only speed up the visible signs of ageing but can also lead to skin cancer. The Sunscreen Powder shields your skin from both — UVA & UVB rays of the sun. It also contains PA+++ that offers Protection from UV rays, minimizing Pigment Darkening.