Wine Facial Kit 6 Steps Enriched with Red Grape Seed Extract for Insta – Keya Seth Aromatherapy

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Wine Facial Kit 6 Steps Enriched with Red Grape Seed Extract for Instant Glowing, Blemish-free Even Complexion Increase Elasticity & Blood Circulation

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  • FLAWLESS GLOWING SKIN: A facial can change skin tone, texture & appearance improvements. Containing fruit extracts like Red Grapes, multiple Essential Oils, Vitamin E & Pro-vitamin B5, Hyaluronic Acid, Walnut shell powder, Shea & Cocoa butter, Morus Alba Root Extracts (Mulberry Extracts), & Kaolin clay make this advanced formulated Wine Facial Kit. It delivers a blemish-free, even complexion by stimulating blood circulation, increases skin elasticity & controls oil production—the same benefits as a salon-like service at home.

  • ANTI AGING: The antioxidant defense against photo-aging, especially in combination, is to reduce & neutralize free radical production. The wine extract protects skin cells & slows down the aging process by cell proliferation. Polyphenols are the most abundant bioactive molecules in wine. Polyphenols like flavonoids benefit many health areas because of their antioxidant effect to bond with collagen, promoting youthful skin, cell health, elasticity, and flexibility for treating mature and damaged skin.

  • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY & WOUND HEALING: The wine extract is effective against bacteria, yeasts, and fungi. These profound antimicrobials and antimycotic (inhibiting the growth of fungi) effects are caused by catechin, resveratrol, quercetin, and caffeoyl tartaric acid. Due to these properties, the wine extract could inhibit the growth of pathogenic microorganisms on the skin. Since these pathogens are frequently associated with inflammatory skin diseases and chronic wound infections. 

  • ANTI-HYPERPIGMENTATION ACTIVITY: The pigmentation of the skin is associated with the accumulation & production of melanin. Phenolic compounds inhibit melanin production. Red & white grape by-products have been studied for their inhibitory activities of tyrosinase enzyme. A high content of bioactive molecules & polyphenols has skin depigmenting & photoprotection ability. The extracts potentially improve chloasma (hyperpigmentation) in a short administration period by containing Proanthocyanidins.

  • REGIME: Remove dirt germs & clean the face with Deep Pore Cleanser. Exfoliate the dead skin cells with a Gentle Exfoliating scrub. Makes the skin adequately hydrated with Soothing Moisturising Gel. Deep nourishment with Nourishing Cream. Get moisturized, tightened & radiant skin with Skin Tightening Mask. Apply Royal Touch Hydrating Serum for pH balancing. Maintain the daily Skin care regime in AM & PM according to skin types & concerns.