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Decoding Cleansing Category with Refreshing Body Wash

Every shower time is not a mere wash and goes experience but more than that. Every shower is transformed into a rejuvenating experience through the right use of products. An alternate to the soap or cleansing bar, the concept of body wash or shower gel is comparatively a recent one. Choosing the right body wash can set the tone of the skin and also transforms the mood into the perfect one. Creating the feeling of an instant spa, the foam lathers the skin while the essential fragrance lingers the body and mind. A feel-good is element can immediately lighten up the senses together.

As stated earlier the idea of liquid body cleansers is quite contemporary as a state of art. Understanding them in detail hence becomes a requirement to convince yourself towards switching to body washes in a single go.

Cleansing Bars Vs Body Washes

Functionally both are bathing products consisting of the same composition of required ingredients water, betaines, and SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate). According to dermatology, the main difference lies in the Surfactant Compound. Primarily Surfactant Compound is a short form for Surface Active Agents. These agents consist of two types of molecules; Lipophilic (fat-loving) element that attaches to dirt and Hydrophilic (water-loving) element that dissolves in water. 

Soap by definition is a product of fat and alkali. Usually made of Sodium or Potassium Hydroxide. The fat components are called triglycerides which is one component of glycerin and three components of fatty acids. 

While the surfactants of body washes do not come from the process called saponification (turning oil into soap) but by a reaction between a type of fat or oil and lye. Lye is generally an alkali that refers to Sodium Hydroxide. These provide the body washes with a lower pH value than soap thus feels less dry to the skin. 

Whereas the basic difference lies in the form of the products. The cleansing bars are solidified in different shapes, sizes, and colors while the body washes are liquid in consistency with varied colors.

On the Opinion

Soaps, due to their ingredients that can be quite harsh on the skin due to their inconsistent pH level. It does also contain sorts of parabens, synthetic colors, and fragrances, formaldehyde, toluene, etc. Chemicals are not a joke in common soaps also the harmful components can disrupt hormones, promote allergies, and increase the risk of skin cancers. While the absence of all these components the range of body wash is on the safer side. 

Using a body wash seems to be quite straight forward and basic. Getting into the shower, lathering across the skin and rinsing off. But the actual twist lies in the use of the right product at the right point in time. Keya Seth Aromatherapy’s upcoming range of luxurious body washes would provide you with an enthralling bathing experience on every use. 

For an absolute shower adventure to relax your body and senses the category consists of four exotic essences of bath essentials. Namely:

Aqua body wash

  • Aqua Body Wash: Essentially for dry skin. The 200ml container of the refreshing body wash keeps the dirt and grime away without making the skin dry and flaky. Relinquishes the thirst of the skin making it feel soft and smooth. The presence of menthol leaves a cool feeling on the skin. The aromatic fragrance provides a calming effect on the senses. Enough amount of Aqua Body Wash is to be taken on a wet loofah or hand and is to be applied on the wet body until it works up to a rich lather. Wash of completely with cold or warm water.

  • Neem Body Wash: Effective on Oily Skin. Neem is a known ingredient for its natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that are highly effective on different skin problems. It helps in treating premature skin aging and also promotes cell activation for wound healing. The required amount of wet loofah or body turned to rich lather can rejuvenate the skin from within leaving it soft and supple while free from harmful germs. To be completely washed with warm or cool water.

Orange body wash

  • Orange Body Wash: Infused with rich Vitamin C, effective for soothing dry, rough and irritated skin. Promotes a brighter complexion for visibly brighter skin. The rich sources of minerals and fatty acids boost collagen production while toning and tightening the skin. For happy and healthy skin, the product is to be taken as per the required amount on the wet loofah and to be applied to the wet body. Work up to a rich lather until satisfied and wash off completely with warm or cool water.

Honey body wash

  • Honey Body Wash: Supported for all skin types. Honey is one of the very common ingredients used in cosmetology over the years. This substance provides a lot of nourishment to the skin preventing acne and various types of skin infections. The promotion of collagen booster due to the presence of an ample amount of fatty acids helps in slowing the process of skin aging. This magic ingredient also boosts the natural glow of the skin. The required amount is to be pumped out on a wet loofah and to be applied to the wet body. Work up to a rich lather until satisfied and wash off completely with warm or cool water.

Curtain Call

Choosing a healthier body wash is highly essential to experience a comfortable and extravagant bath. The products stated above are created from 100% natural sources that cleanse the skin without irritation and dryness. Free from synthetic, chemicals these are a perfect blend that has the ability to restore balances in the skin to make it smooth and supple. Though it is to be kept in mind that these products are completely for external use only and does not have any therapeutic claim. The skin may take quite a lot of time to settle with body wash from soap and hence the procedure is time taking.

Hope to get to you soon.

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