Keratin Care Hair Conditioning Serum SPF 20 After Straightening & Smoothening for Flexible Strong & Manageable Hair with Essential Oil for Men & Women | Hair Nourishment – Keya Seth Aromatherapy

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Keratin Care Hair Conditioning Serum SPF 20 After Straightening & Smoothening for Flexible Strong & Manageable Hair with Essential Oil for Men & Women

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42 ml
  • A lightweight hair serum with SPF 20 for complete Keratin Care
  • Repairs damaged hair cuticles, makes hair stronger, smoother & softer  
  • Protects hair from damages caused by heat, temporary styling& environmental extremities
  • Instills new life in hair and prevents hair fall due to breakage
  • Makes hair silky, manageable & lustrous with regular use
  • Keratin is a protein that enhances the strength of hair. Keya Seth Presents Hair Spa Conditioning Serum with Keratin Care which strengthens your hair follicles & gives a healthy shiny look.


After shampooing dry your hair. Apply serum. Feel the change. Take two to three spritz of the Keratin Care serum on your palm depending on the hair length &volume. Apply onto your clean & dry or semi-dry hair, from root to tip. Leave on. It can also be used with Premium Hair Spa for Dry, Damaged & Chemically treated hair.

Product Description

An all-in-one hair serum that repairs, nourishes & protects hair through its keratin-enriched innovative formula. The serum takes complete care of hair keratin, the essential hair protein, thus making each hair strand strong, soft & lustrous. SPF 20 protects hair from sun damage & pollution.

Protect your locks with Keratin Care

Lustrous healthy locks are no more a thing seen only in advertisements, it is now a reality with Keratin Care Aromatic Spa Serum. We understand your busy schedule & inability to opt for regular time-consuming hair care treatments, hence we have condensed hair nourishing &protective ingredients in this easy-to-use serum. This innovative formula covers the hair with keratin complex, thus repairing the already damaged hair cuticles & also offering thorough protection from further damage caused due to heat, sun rays or cold. 

Intensive care for damaged Hair 

Heat, pollution& harmful environmental factors take a serious toll on hair, making it dry, rough & brittle. This is why your hair needs care that makes it strong from the inside out. Keratin Care Aromatic Spa Hair Conditioning Serum has been formulated to protect your hair from damage caused by environmental extremities. The presence of SPF 20 ensures that your hair is protected from the drying & bleaching effects of the sun rays, which is a common cause of premature hair greying.  This keratin care hair serum makes hair soft, shiny & problem-free with regular use.