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Buffer Brush for Liquid Cream and Powder Buffing Blending Brush Full Coverage Professional Makeup (KSP-117)

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  • It features soft bristles that feel super gentle on your skin.  
  • This Makeup Brush is crafted with round, dense, and slant-shaped bristles to blend the product on each curve of your face swiftly. It is allowing you to pat, blend and buff liquid, creamy, and powder products with ease.  
  • Can use a very versatile and multi-purpose brush for applying multiple makeup products.


Description:  Buff your cheeks with perfect color and shine high with the Keya Seth Professional Makeup, Buffer Brush. This brush will elegantly touch up your favorite color onto your cheeks and will blend it smoothly and effortlessly. This brush is ideal for blending liquid/cream/ powder products for a lightly polished finish.