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Eyeshadow Smudge Brush for Perfect & Professional Smokey Eye Makeup (KSP-102)

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  • Eyeshadow Smudge Brush designed for applying color all over the eyelid for maximizing pigment and helps to smudge it. Perfect for a smoky look  
  • Use this Short, Round, Sponge, and Dense Eye shadow brush for all types of eyeshadows, be it cream, powder, or liquid.  
  • Ergonomically designed to fit perfectly into your hand and facilitate a flawless finish with every application 
  • KSP makeup brushes Ideal for traveling.  
  • The makeup brush collection is suitable for a wide range of products. 

Description: Introducing Keya Seth Professional Eye Shadow Smudge Makeup Brush - a luxurious makeup brush to Smudge and blend eyeshadows. It crafts the look you want by adding dimension to the eye or perfecting that sultry, smokey look. This luxurious, Sponge brush helps to gradually build color or softens it depending on the desired effect.