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Foundation Blending Brush for Liquid Cream Powder Buffing Blending Face Makeup Oval Brush (KSP 109)

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  • Its dual-fiber bristles pick up and distribute just the right amount of product, so your makeup will not look blotchy or streaky.  
  • This stippling brush has feathery light bristles, allowing you to softly blend liquid and powder products for a flawless finish.  
  • Small brush head with incredibly soft natural and dense fibers  
  • It provides a perfect high-definition finish. 

Description: it has a small brush head with incredibly soft, natural, and dense fibers. It provides a flawless high definition finish to the brush's highly thick hair, which makes makeup a straightforward process; the Brush has soft hair which is not harsh on the skin and glides on your skin as smooth as butter. It is best for blending the foundation.