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Saat Paker Sajh Kotha

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On reaching Adulthood, every girl starts dreaming about her marriage and wants to appear as the princess straight from the pages of fables on her marriage night. Unfortunately every girl does not take birth with God gifted beauty with immaculate hair, skin, complexion, structure but certainly with regular makeover a lot can be changed.

Proper and regular make over enables to sideline the shortcomings in Hair, Skin and Structure and can transform an ordinary looking girl into an unmatched beauty. Selection of right time is required for this. Immediately after the birth of a girl child, her mother needs to follow a particular routine to ensure that the glamorous look of her daughter catches every one’s attention at the time of her marriage.

However there may be some, who may not be so fortunate to have undergone the beauty regime since childhood, they need not to be frustrated but can start their beauty regime may be two to three years before their marriage, which will certainly make a noticeable difference.

How will then the Girls take care of their hair? What should be the method of their skin care? What else they should do to transform them into a beautiful bride? Aroma therapist Keya Seth has replied to such innumerable enquiries in her book “SATPAKER SAANJKATHA”