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Aromatic Wrinkle Control Cream, Prevents Premature Signs of Ageing, Fine Lines & Wrinkle with Natural Alpha Hydroxy Acid

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Ingredients: Extracts of green grapes, orange peel, lemon peel with carrot seed, cedarwood & Wheatgerm oil in a cream base.

 An aromatherapy based innovative formulation for wrinkle control

Enriched with natural Alpha Hydroxy Acid

Provides hydration, helps in healing dryskin, Improves skin texture

Combines Aromatic Wrinkle Control Serum to deliverquick results

Hypoallergenicrich formula, not tested on animals

It is rich in green grapes, orange peel, lemon peel extract and carrot seed, sandalwood and wheat germ oil. Since it is prepared from extracts of citrus fruits, it supplies alpha hydroxy acid to skin and prevents appearance of wrinkles. Its anti-oxidant formula makes skin shiny, young, bright and beautiful.


Use it twice a day - once in the daytime and once at bedtime. Do not forget to wash your face with 'Fresh Look' face wash before using it.

Take 1-2 gm of the cream on your clean palm. Add 1-2 drops of the aromatic wrinkle control serum to it. Mix well &apply onto your face & neck. Massage in a gentle circular motion till the cream is fully absorbed.Use twice a day on clean skin preferably after bath & before going to bed at night.

Product Description

A perfect blend of essential oils& herbal extracts for effective wrinkle & fine linecontrol. This aromatherapy based rich cream resolves skin dryness, triggers cell turnover rate& helps in skin rejuvenation. 

Control skin wrinkles with aromatherapy

Aromatic Wrinkle Control Cream has been formulated with pure essential oils of cedarwood & carrot seed to ensure that your skin is nourished from within.  The formula also contains wheat germ oil, which has proven skin healing properties. These oils keep the skin hydrated & help in invigorating the natural skin renewal process, thus controlling as well as minimizing wrinkles & fine lines. Green grapes, orange peel & lemon peel extracts supply anti-oxidants to the skin, combating the free radicals, a major cause of skin wrinkle formation. Extract of these citrus fruits also supply Alpha Hydroxy Acid to the skin, which minimizes the appearance of skin wrinkles, also prevents skin damage.As a result, you get nourished & soft skin free from fine lines.

Banish skin dryness with age control benefits

Skin dryness is one of the primary reasons of wrinkle & fine line formation. Aromatic Wrinkle Control Cream banishes skin dryness with its essential oil enriched formula that is quickly absorbed into the skin & reaches the deeper skin layers, nourishing it from within. The rich, cream based product also helps in rejuvenating the skin by triggering the natural repairing mechanism. So, stop worrying about the wrinkles & enjoy a smoother, naturally brighter& wrinkle free skin with Aromatic Wrinkle Control Cream.