Neroli & Calendula Winter Body Oil for Dry & Sensitive Skin – Keya Seth Aromatherapy

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Neroli & Calendula Winter Body Oil for Dry & Sensitive Skin, Hydrating, Moisturizing, Soothes Inflammation, Improves Skin Elasticity Light, Non-Sticky

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  • WINTER CARE FOR DRY & SENSITIVE SKIN: Designed especially for Dry & Itchy skin in Winter due to moisture loss as cold wind & temperature drops imbalance the skin's hydration level. Light, Non-sticky & Quick absorbing Neroli Calendula Body Oil Hydrates, Moisturize & Soothe the skin from Dryness, Sensitivity & Cracked Chapped issues of the Winter season. Infused Neroli Essential Oil, Calendula Oil & Vitamin E with Beautiful Floral Aroma, soothe inflammation & irritation, rejuvenate the skin & protect the skin barrier from environmental damage by locking moisture.
  • NEROLI OIL: A good remedy for Insomnia & Anxiety. Cytopheretic properties help in the regeneration of new cells & improve skin elasticity. Excellent for Dry, Sensitive & Mature Skin. The highest concentration of Linalool, Limonene, Linalyl acetate & Geraniol make this Essential Oil more powerful. It is also helpful with Thread Veins, Scarring & Stretch marks
  • CALENDULA OIL: Anti-inflammatory, Anti-spasmodic & Wound-healing properties are great for damaged skin, rashes & other skin disorders as it calms & soothes the skin providing maximum hydration & suitable for sensitive skin. Calendula Oil helps to promote skin renewal & increase skin elasticity and is therefore excellent for pregnant women who want to prevent skin stretch marks. It is effective on bedsores and broken veins & perfect for rashes & chapped, cracked & dry skin
  • VITAMIN E (TOCOPHEROL): A potent Antioxidant, it has a significant role in protecting the skin cells from the free radicals that want to destroy collagen that makes our skin nice & firm. Vit E has some photoprotection properties, which can protect the skin from UVB rays, lowers the production of sunburn cells, &reduces the damage caused by UVB rays. It is an essential nutrient with Anti-inflammatory properties that provide moisture to protect the skin barrier and promote skin healing to diminish signs of aging
  • NON-STICKY NON-GREASY: Added with Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil which has a lovely light texture and is very pleasant to use. Makes the skin Satin-Smooth and non-greasy. It contains Vitamins A, B, D & E and has high amounts of fatty acids.