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Oxy De Tan Removal for Glowing & Lighting oil Control, Anti Acne & Pimples Blemishes Pigmentation De Tan pack for Face & Body – No Ammonia & Blech

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  • An effective face pack for instant tan removal  
  • Enriched with essential oils of clove & camphor  
  • Reduces excess melanin & helps in removing unwanted spots & pigmentation 
  • Improves skin tone & texture  
  • Provides effective protection from damaging effects of sun rays 
  • Removes deep set tan with regular use, improves skin texture 
  • Gives fresh, radiant, even-toned skin    

 Oxy De-tan Pack by Keya Seth Aromatherapy brings to you the power of essential oils for removing deep-set sun tan quickly & effectively without harmful side effects. Use this pack regularly & feel the change.   


Key Ingredients: 

Aqua, stearic acid, kaolin, essential oil of clove & camphor  


Direction of Use:  

Apply evenly all over the face, neck, hands & any other bare parts of the body that has been tanned. Wait for 20 minutes & then rinse with fresh water. Use on alternate days to remove deep-set tan & once or twice a week for regular treatment.    


Get radiant and tan-free Skin, without side effects  

Get tan-free, radiant skin with Oxy De-tan Pack by Keya Seth Aromatherapy. Infused with essential oils of clove & camphor, this face pack delivers results without fail. The non-drying formula removes skin tan effectively & lightens spots & pigmentation with regular use. The pack also improves skin texture & gives a natural glow to the skin that is difficult to miss. In a tropical country like India, Oxy De-tan Pack by Keya Seth Aromatherapy is a must-have for every beauty conscious men & women.     


A natural solution for skin tanning     

Skin tanning is a common problem in tropical countries like India. The sun rays & heat triggers excess melanin synthesis on the skin, resulting in skin tan. Tanning not only hides the natural, bright complexion of your skin but also makes it dull & dehydrated. A deep-set tan can turn permanent, if not removed quickly.  The Oxy De-Tan pack removes skin tan & lightens the skin tone with its natural essential oil-enriched formula. The ability of the pack to add instant brightness to the skin makes it ideal for quick use before occasions & parties too.